Connect with the radiance of your Soul . . .
Flower Essences offer a unique tool for accessing the harmony of higher energies
They support the raising of your energy frequency and developing consciousness

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for your spiritual wellbeing and growth


The LightBringer Essences help you connect deeply with your Soul, remind you of your inner light and strengthen your communion with your heart. 


They call from their essence to your essence to offer you deep and ongoing support.

The LightBringer Essences are pristine wild flower, gem and environmental essences lovingly made by hand in the Lake District, England. The core essences in the range are made without harming or cutting the plants in any way, harnessing the living energy of the flower through a process of sacred ceremony. This has made it possible to work with rare and unusual plants, drawing on their unique energies to support our own more rare and endangered human qualities in these times.


The LightBringer Essences are both deeply grounding and spiritually expansive - we cannot touch the heights spiritually if we are are not first profoundly rooted. They touch our being gently, reminding us that our true purpose is to shine our inner light for self and others, from a place of deep presence and stability.

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Essence Therapy with Rachel Singleton

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