'The journey of making the LightBringer Essences has been life-changing for me. They have shown me an inner pathway through seemingly impenetrable challenges in my own life and in the lives of others.


With essences, Nature's most harmonious energies can be harnessed to help refine our own highest human vibrations. This assists us in living a life more connected to our highest and best Self.'

Rachel Singleton



To find out how the LightBringer Essences came into being and to hear Rachel Singleton describe her personal journey, click on the audio link opposite:

Rachel Singleton interview - With Sara Turner
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RACHEL SINGLETON came to Flower Essences through her training as a homeopath. In her early 20s she was unwell and her health fragile. Working with her doctors to get a diagnosis and training in complementary therapists in order to find efficacious natural treatments, she began to change her diet and lifestyle, deeply process and understand the emotions behind her condition, and as a result change her life and her health. Meeting Flower Essences was a turning point in her life and she knew she had found something that resonated with her at a soul level. The years since have been dedicated to making, using and learning about everything to do with Essences, and to pass her skill and passion on to clients and students. The LightBringer Essences are the result of this journey.

Rachel (BAHons, PGCE, MLCHom, Adv EsPr, DipThH, Reiki Master) is a professionally trained Advanced Essence Practitioner. She has studied Homeopathy to post-graduate level and is a Licensed Homeopath and Member of the Lakeland College of Homeopathy. Rachel has completed a diploma in Therapeutic Healing with the Rowan School of Healing, and is a Reiki Master. 

Rachel worked for several years as a Tutor member of the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association, an Advanced Essence Practitioner, and a member of their committee. She has tutored students in the UK and abroad to become accredited Advanced Essence Practitioners.

Rachel has been in therapeutic practice for 20 years, working with people in the UK and abroad with these gentle healing modalities. She began making the LightBringer Essences in 2000.

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