Essences are made from the energetic imprint of a flower's blossoms. They harness the dynamic characteristics of that flower - its individual essence - capturing its harmonious energy blueprint. When we take these drops internally, we take that energy into ourself.

In the tradition of Bach Flower Remedies, flower tinctures are usually taken internally as drops on the tongue (not to be confused with the essential oils used in aromatherapy or the tinctures of herbal medicine).


They are understood to work by creating a resonance between the refined and harmonious energy field of the natural object they are made from and our own energy field.

Image of Healer's Light Combination Essence Mist and Drops for preparing your space and your energy for sacred work.
Image of LightBringer Essences headquarters in the Lake District, England.


The LightBringer Essences are exquisitely made flower essences from the wild and mountainous regions of Europe. Each essence is made by hand by the founder, Rachel Singleton, in small batches using organic ingredients.


They originate from the Lake District, England, and include flower essences made from rare plants and pristine environments in the French Alps;  and the Orkney islands, Cairngorms, North West of Scotland and Hebridean Islands of the British Isles.

Included in the range are also some gem essences, environmental essences and astrological essences. 


The LightBringer Essences are created through a unique ceremonial process of attunement and intent. The methodology we use is unique to LightBringer Essences and has evolved from the plants themselves. No flowers or foliage are picked and the plant and its growth cycle remain intact. 


It is a process which enables Rachel to co-create with rare and unusual flowers, harnessing their living energy in all its vitality and subtlety.

These lesser known flowers, often found growing far away from human habitation, offer a specific energy signature which is pertinent for our times. Their seclusion, their access to pure air and the stillness that pervades the harsh climates and conditions in which they grow, imbue them with qualities of endurance, strength, individuality, purity, and clarity. 

An image of the Green-Winged Orchid Essence for connecting with your intuitive abilities.


THE LIGHTBRINGER ESSENCES are first and foremost "soul-medicine". When we take an essence, we are connecting with the flower in its purest and most harmonious form. The essence calls us back to our own purity and to the Self that yearns to blossom freely.


The LightBringer Essences set up a call in us which resonates with a call in our Soul - the need to live with full authenticity in this moment now. Their energy is pristine and dynamic but also very gentle. They invite us to step back to our realness, to grow deep roots into this earthly plane so that we can reach ever higher in our spiritual consciousness. They beckon us away from drama and division - from lower energy reactivity - calling us back to a way of being which is lighter, more conscious and more present. 

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