Animal Support Combination brings the harmony and balance of the essences to our animal friends in order to help them feel safe and at home. It can be used to stabilise an animal’s entire energy field, whenever they are experiencing disharmony or distress. It helps them feel settled and centred within.  

Animal Support is can be used to help an animal when they are in distress, but it also a combination that helps to nurture loving communication and accord between animals that live together, and between animals and their carer. Animal Support nurtures bonds of loyalty and tenderness, and especially increases the owner’s subtle ability to understand an animal’s needs.


Part of the joy of owning and/or working with animals is learning how to understand them and have them understand us. At the very least, we are striving for clear communication and boundaries. Better still, we can reach for a level of communion that is truly intuitive and loving. This takes time to establish and requires a willingness to be still with our animal, take notice and carefully feel the way forward. Animal Support enhances this level of subtle and profound harmonious communication.


The combination also helps with the disturbance caused by moving house, having new animals or humans come into the family, going on holiday (with or without the animals and the implications of this for them), veterinary visits, and so on: anything that unsettles the animal’s routine and sense of safety. By carefully administering the essence (see directions below), the process can be greatly eased. 

Administering essences to animals: You can give essences to an animal by placing two or three drops on your hands and gently rubbing through their fur, morning and night. Alternatively, place two to five drops (depending on the size of the animal) in a litre of water and put this in their water bowl so that they take it each time they drink. Replace daily. You can also use the misting spray – either creating your own, or using the ready-made unscented LightBringer Animal Support Mist. Do not spray this directly at the animal; instead, lightly mist above their sleeping area, litter tray and/or eating area once or twice a day. 

If you are aware of a forthcoming event that will stress your animal, begin to use Animal Support a week or so beforehand, twice daily.

Animal Support Combination contains essences of: Grand Quintile, Grass of Parnassu, Greater Cuckooflower, Pink Purslane, Primrose, Ruby-in-the-Storm and Spring Squill.



Angelic Presence Combination is an exuiqiste blend of the most angelic essences. It fosters a deep and tangible connection with the Divine, and with the celestial energies of the angelic realm, helping you to know and feel how beautifully and gracefully you are held, loved and guided in this life.   

Angelic Presence Combination invites you to connect with life at a deeply spiritual level, to see beyond worldly illusions and distractions, and to give and receive from the reality of Oneness. 

Angelic Presence contains an exquisite blend of pure and gentle essences – each of which holds a highly refined, angelic energy. The combination embodies light and purity. It beckons you to live with deep spiritual insight and commitment. It helps clarify your spiritual vision and awareness, and it helps you connect with, and be guided by, the angels. Rather than seeing life from a purely personal level of need, you come from Oneness, and from a place of service and mutual wellbeing. 

This combination contains essences that hold a particular quality, flowers that feel exquisitely angelic. The energies of these essences are silky, light, refined and radiant, helping to soften and refine you energy. You are invited to return to Divine Love, knowing this as your fundamental touchstone in life, surrendering yourself to this in all things. From a place of Love, you are able to release all blame, to be fully response-able, and to commit to being present with What Is, in total trust and joy. This is an essence combination of radiance and simplicity. It helps you to move away from the complicated machinations your thought-processes can throw up; instead, you see your life through the eyes of one who seeks to serve, rejoice in and love all you meet. 

Angelic Presence Combination helps you move beyond over-concern with the small self’s needs, and reach for the spiritually motivated and empowered Self. Hand-in-hand with the Divine, you find within yourself deep reserves of joy and peace that transform your life and being.

Angelic Presence Combination contains essences of: Butterfly Orchid, Fragrant Orchid, Greater Sea Spurrey, Green Winged Orchid, One-Flowered Wintergreen, Pyramid Orchid, Sanicle, Scots Primrose and Water Mint.



Bountiful Life Combination enables you to relax into the abundance that life constantly offers you. This abundance is in line with your highest good - your spiritual truth - rather than the needs of your personality, and serves everyone as it serves you. Relax and let life plant and grow seeds in and for you. Your life will unfold beautifully if you will allow it to.

Bountiful Life Combination helps you to receive fully from life in ways that feel grounded, nurturing, prosperous and in line with your higher purpose. I often refer to this combination as ‘sunshine in a bottle’ because its energy is so joyful and optimistic. 

Bountiful Life assists you in moving beyond limiting beliefs around abundance. It supports you in knowing that you are worthy and capable of creating the life of your dreams and receiving your heart’s desires. You learn to trust in the reality that you do actually have everything you need to create the life you wish for: within this moment lies the seed for all that is to come. By honouring and working with the cycle of abundance – giving, receiving, and having gratitude in an endless loop of positivity and appreciation – it unfolds effortlessly. Your heart and energy remain open to possibility, and opportunity finds you. At the same time, the cycle brings joy to you and to all those it touches through you. Bountiful Life helps you to stay aligned to this: to enjoy the opportunities for giving and receiving that life constantly presents to you, and to wholeheartedly and gratefully respond to these, knowing that they come direct from Spirit. Your life literally flows – and thus flowers. 

Bountiful Life also brings to you the deeper insight that personal abundance is a spiritual matter, and that it touches everyone. You can create a beautiful life only by creating with and for others at the same time. As you aim for the highest good of all concerned, everyone around you receives the blessing of this and your own life is transformed. This is true abundance: it is not just the one but the many who are touched by and raised up by its gifts. 

Bountiful Life Combination contains essences of: Frog Orchid, Golden Light, Hawthorn Berries, Hawthorn Blossom, Marsh Marigold and One-Flowered Wintergreen.


HL image_small.jpg

Healer's Light Combination enables you to attune to healing energy when you are seeking greater levels of wellbeing. It is also an invaluable tool for practitioners to support you in working within the flow of Spiritual Energy - rather than drawing on or coming from your own personal energy - so that the work you do with clients is safe and revitalising for all concerned. 

Healer’s Light Combination helps you to connect harmoniously with the vitality at your core in order to establish deeper levels of wellbeing. Together, the essences in this combination bring a greater understanding of what healing is and how this moves within and through you. Healer’s Light is full of green and white flowers – the colours most conducive to physical and spiritual harmony. 

This combination assists you in being more aware of your energy and in becoming familiar with the feeling of health within you and the patterns of dis-ease that take you away from this. It is a Combination to support the emergence of your healing wisdom and your ability to heed and work with this. It helps you move away from habits that sabotage your efforts to reach greater levels of health; instead, it supports you in establishing new habits that free your inner vitality and enable its fuller expression. 

Healer’s Light was created both to help you as an individual on your personal journey to healing and to assist those who work in the healing professions. As a health practitioner, it is easy to become drained, to give your own energy away and be unable to switch off when people need your help. This combination helps you to maintain a strong contact with your own healing needs, knowing that you can only be effective for others if you take care of yourself. It enables you to channel healing energy from Spirit so that your own reserves are constantly cleansed and replenished; it also helps your clients receive only the purest energy from you as a practitioner. To facilitate this, you can spray the mist in the room before a session, offer them some of the drops in water, or simply take it yourself. 

Working with the combination more deeply, over a longer period of time, you can use Healer’s Light to connect more and more with what Health is - in your own body and being, and in that of others. It helps you attune to the wellbeing of the systems and organs of the body, understanding more fully how they work together in wholeness and how you can support them. As you begin to cultivate your ‘health-sense’, you begin to be aware of how the people, animals and environment around you may move towards better health. You develop an instinctive feel for health and the direction in which it lies.


Healer's Light contains essences of: Bogbean, Butterfly Orchid, Celtic Rainforest, Cotton Grass, Frog Orchid, Herb Paris, Lady's Slipper Orchid, Sanicle, Self-Heal and Thyme-Leaf Moss. 



Heart Balm Combination returns you to your deepest and most loving heart connection. It is full of essences which speak to and touch the heart's gentle radiance. It is particularly useful to help you navigate relationships that have given you pain and sorrow, and where you wish to play your part in establishing a more loving way forward. 

Heart Balm Combination helps nurture the radiant and beautiful energy of your heart. It assists you in connecting deeply with your heart and speaking and acting from here, in tenderness and strength. The combination helps you to stay heart-centred, loving and trusting. 

Heart Balm invites you to rest within the peaceful radiance of your loving heart. It helps to reveal and enable its continued exquisite blossoming with delicacy and tenderness. By supporting you to soften and become more open in the heart, it makes you better able to relate to, resonate with and evoke love in others as you do so. People refer to this combination as a ‘hug in a bottle’ because of the way it feels so tender and nurturing to the heart chakra. The predominance of pink flowers helps attune you to this chakra’s healthy vibration and broadcast these qualities energetically through all your relationships. The combination can be used in any situation where you need to feel this connection with your heart more strongly. 

It is also possible to use Heart Balm at deeper levels and longer-term. The Combination helps restore harmony to any relationship that is discordant - perhaps because of old misunderstandings or fears, and where resentments and unspoken feelings have distorted the natural beauty of the relationship. The combination reminds you that every relationship is sacred and helps you to come back to a place of openness and curiosity where you are more able to discover its deeper spiritual significance. It helps to tend the heart’s hurts and grief, lifting you to a more refined level of relating to others where your heart is open, trusting and adventurous enough to engage.


Heart Balm Combination contains essences of: Alpine Forget-Me-Not, Alpine Willowherb, Lime Blossom, Pink Frangipani, Scots Primrose, Silk Tree, Twinflower and White Bluebell. 


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Light Support Combination helps restore your connection to your inner light, clarity and strength. In times of trauma and spiritual emergency, we need to go deeper into our spiritual alignment and become more rooted and grounded in ourselves in order to respond with love and awareness to the situation we are in. Light Support fosters deep seeing and being, so that we are able to respond consciously and fully.

Light Support Combination offers support, clarity and insight during dark and difficult times. This combination helps to nurture your inner light and strength so that you are able to stay clear and heart-centred on your path, even in troubling and confusing situations. It assists you in finding your way through challenging circumstances in a more easeful and congruent manner. 

Light Support is deeply grounding and centring, as well as being spiritually uplifting. It is the combination I use to ‘recalibrate’ a person, helping them reconnect with the feel of their authentic Self and find their core alignment with Spirit. It is often the first essence I reach for. Light Support helps to refine and strengthen your connection with your inner truth, to rediscover that sense of ‘Who You Really Are’, and to walk your individual path truthfully. 

Made up of individual essences that are deeply grounding, pristine and clear, Light Support is the ‘rescue remedy’ or 'spiritual emergency essence' of the LightBringer range. It helps during times of trauma and upheaval when you need to remain strongly connected to Spirit (Heaven), your grounding (Earth) and your centre. It keys you to this inner alignment every time, so you can reach for the combination whenever you need to re-establish this – after shock, during times of profound despair and darkness, or when you feel personally lost in the needs, demands and opinions of others. Light Support enables a deeper connection with your true Self and facilitates you standing strong, light and powerfully balanced. 

Light Support Combination contains essences of: Angel Star, Bird Cherry, Cotton Grass, Golden Light, Grass of Parnassus, Harebell, Ruby-in-the-Storm and Scots Pine Sentinel. 


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Personal Space Combination enables you to navigate relationships and encounters with the outside world from a place of inner sanctuary. The integrity of your aura is strengthened by your connection to your own truth and authenticity. As you learn to be your true self in the world, the world begins to feel a much safer place.

Personal Space Combination is the sanctuary essence: it helps you create a loving, safe space with good boundaries, both within your own auric field and within your home or work space. The combination enables you to feel protected, without the need for being defensive and prickly. Good boundaries secure and anchor you: they keep you calm and provide stability, and they help ensure you have room to grow. 

When your personal space is invaded by someone else (this can happen when another person is very controlling or if they are somehow ‘powerful’ in your eyes) or when you do not fully claim your own space (perhaps giving all your energy and resources over to other people and their lives, and never fully inhabiting your own) your auric field and your wellbeing are both undermined. Physical immunity and auric stability are deeply connected. When your personal boundaries are weak, you will find you are less immune to life’s challenges and to illness: your energy has become permeable and you are taking on too much that is not yours. Personal Space Combination nurtures and nourishes your sense of Self. It keeps a dynamic border to your energy field so that you can sense what is yours and what belongs to someone else. It helps you discern and define so that you know what to embrace and let in, and what to turn away. 

This combination helps you becoming more lovingly aware of yourself and your needs. You do not shut people out when you use Personal Space Combination; you become more self-aware, more discerning and more receptive. From here, you can enjoy your interactions more. Where these are appropriate, respectful and mutually beneficial, all parties can thrive. From a space of sacred wellbeing, you can feel the blessing of being whole in another’s company, and honouring their wholeness. 

Personal Space combination contains essences of: English Bearsfoot, Herb Paris, Primrose, Ring of Brodgar, Thrift, Thyme-Leaf Moss and Viper's Bugloss.


Sensual Essence_edited.jpg

Sensual Essence Combination reminds you of the sensual essence of You - and your life. It helps you to reconnect to yourself as a physical being who is made to feel - physically and emotionally. This native expressiveness - allowing yourself to touch and be touched by life - is vital to your wellbeing.

Sensual Essence Combination helps you express your sensual nature with joy and tenderness. The energy of this combination is soft, loving and light. It welcomes you back to your body and to a level of connection that supports embodied sensuality. It helps to keep you tactile - intimately involved with the physicality of your world - and aware of how wonderful it is to touch and be touched by life (literally and figuratively). 

Sensual Essence encourages you to open your senses to the experience of being alive and being physical. For those who have avoided their sensual nature, this combination need hold no fear: it is very gentle. It leads you back to your own true and balanced expression at the sensual level. It empowers you to reclaim this, both as an individual (in terms of artistic expression, physical attire, your ability to relax into your body and to exercise, your relationship with food) and in relationship with others (demonstrating affection, having personal boundaries, engaging in healing or other body-work modalities, love-making). 

This combination reminds you how wonderful your senses are when you revel in and trust them. Your sexual energy is your life-force and your means of procreation: it is a powerful, emotive and potentially transcendent force. Learning to enjoy this, to harness it lovingly and pleasurably, and to have it be a healthy part of your life, is paramount for health and wellbeing. Sensual Essence Combination helps at each level – on the threshold of your sexuality or at any stage thereafter. Gentle and easy to use, some people choose to take it long-term where sexual issues run deep. The essence helps to regenerate your sexual connection so that it is divinely guided, beautiful to experience, and tender and vital in its expression.

Sensual Essence Combination contains essences of: Pink Frangipani, Pink Purslane, Silk Tree, Twinflower, Venus Essence, Vernal Equinox


SFull Mist.JPG

Soul Full Combination is an essence of deep integration. It invites you to live from your Wholeness, becoming aware of where you splinter off, fragment or disassociate. It reminds you that you are safe in your Wholeness and that there is nothing in this world that is 'other' to this. 

Soul Full Essence Combination beckons you back to your wholeness: to be the fullness you are, to be yourself again - integrated and intact. Soft, light and safe, its energy has a quality that can reach the most frightened and vulnerable aspects of the self. It calls to your completeness. It invites and lovingly restores to presence soul parts that have been hidden away, rejected or repressed. It provides a soft and gentle landing so that this ‘soul retrieval’ is as peaceful and joyful as possible. 

This essence combination is about the integration of all that you are - and thus it is about integrity. It helps you return to the quiet composure that integrity brings. When centred in your integrity, you emit a power that is tangible: you are someone who is at one, content in your own skin, reconciled to Self. When you come from your wholeness - not just the small frightened self, but the wise Self connected with Spirit’s Love - you naturally feel safe. Safe and sound. At one. Complete. 

Soul Full Essence is also of use wherever there is a tendency to split off, to dislocate or fragment in the face of trauma. This is how the soul splinters; this is how you lose your grounding. Soul Full Essence literally helps you to keep body and soul together, so you can stay with your Self in situations that challenge you, thereby responding to them from your fullness rather than from fear.


Soul Full Essence Combination feels tender, supportive and safe, helping to reset your connection with being safely and wholly here

Soul Full Essence Combination contains essences of: Early Purple Orchid, Grass of Parnassus, Hare's Foot Clover, Herb Paris, Sanicle, Self Heal, Thrift, Thyme-Leaf Moss and Twinflower.