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'The process of healing is a journey and the journey is unique for each of us. Yet at the core of every challenge we face there is a gift.

Recognising this gift and accessing its grace allows us to transmute apparent difficulties every time. Within every challenge there is potential to connect evermore deeply with Spirit, to surrender more to trust, and to let our inner truth consolidate and strengthen.'

Rachel Singleton


The Essential Self Sessions are a set of six sessions that gradually open up a space of deep self-awareness. If you wish to connect with and heed your Self; discover what is blocking you; understand and assist the feel of energy flow within you; and understand what might be pulling you away from your truth and why - these sessions will deeply support you. 

Essential Self Sessions are solidly self-empowering: they are suitable for anyone who wishes to recover their own inner flow and potency.

You are welcome to trial a single session if you have not worked with me before. Or you can book the full six month programme of one session monthly, plus a single 'floating' session for any time when you need an additional session for support. 

If you are unable to afford sessions, I have a free phone-in between 4-6pm (UK time) most Mondays where you can call me for a 10 minute quick check-in and some support. Alternatively, take a look at the Essence Dowsing Service which is another affordable way of receiving essence support.

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A single reading, done as a distance treatment, over 3 hours; includes full written transcript emailed to you at the end; prescription and follow-up consultation of 30 minutes.

These deeply insightful soul readings from Rachel Singleton look at your 'Soul-Scape' with percipience and clarity in order to uncover the truth of what is occurring for you in your life right now. Rachel combines nature divination, Flower Essences, distance Reiki and Soul Scanning, to deeply read your life as it is currently and to suggest ways forward as you direct your energy with greater clarity and understanding.

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A single spoken consultation with Rachel, by phone or Skype  1 hour. 

The Alignment Session is a single session to assist you in more deeply connecting with your spiritual alignment in order to: move through challenge, heal old wounds and blocks, re-set the mind, recover life purpose and live more consciously from Spirit. Rachel provides a deeply and sacred listening space in which to help you discern where the flow is in your life at this time, what blocks this and how you may discern the patterns that lead to these blockages. 

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PRACTITIONER SUPPORT - One Hour Mentoring Sessions/Half Day and Full Day Tuition

Confidential monthly 1 hour phone sessions with Rachel Singleton to develop your professional therapy work; or Half Day and Full Day personal tuition in Essences with Rachel Singleton tailored to your needs. 

These one-to-one supervision sessions offer a means for you to maintain your professional awareness and responsiveness as you work with your clients in your practice. Sometimes working as a practitioner can feel very isolating and it is easy to become uncertain or disheartened in your work. Practitioners can face challenges on many different levels - earning a good living from their work, maintaining clear boundaries, navigating difficult cirumstances, and treating clients at a truly wholistic level which does not interfere with or impose on their development. These mentoring sessions help restore clarity to your work and provide a safe supportive space in which you can explore and develop. They also count as part of your Continuing Professional Development.


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