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Alpine Forget-Me-Not

Myosotis alpestris


Keynote: Divine Love

Feeling disconnected from divinity/spirituality; unable to grasp that you are Love; belief in a vengeful god; spirituality as a mental concept, not yet deeply felt and lived; feeling disconnected from loving Source.

Alpine Forget-Me-Not reconnects you with Divine Love - a force that is beyond the level of ‘human love’, ego and personality - that is eternal, unconditional, and endlessly compassionate and giving. 

Alpine Forget-Me-Not teaches you that Love is everywhere: in every experience you have in life, in every relationship past, present and yet to come, and in your own heart. The essence helps you to feel the presence of this, to recognise its touch and deeply relax into its care. Here, you begin to let go of the need to control life. It is as if your ever-deepening trust and surrender creates breathing space, movement and flow. Knotty issues begin to release and life begins to right itself. 

You are an integral part of Creation. This essence helps you to remember to receive the divine and endless Love with which all Creation is imbued. As you begin to grasp Divine Love as the reality, and as you allow Love to enfold and guide you, you inevitably start to shed old thoughts of being alone and isolated in a harsh world.


Alpine Forget-Me-Not reminds you of the multi-dimensional nature of Divinity, helping you to feel and connect to all sources of Love in the universe, receiving their nourishment. It particularly helps you to retain the warm presence in your heart of loved ones who have died or with whom you do not presently have contact. Love cannot die: the very nature of it is eternal. It is vast, infinite, unconditionally bestowed and ever-present. Open to it so that it may enrich your life at the deepest level. 

Angel Star

Stellaria graminea


Keynote: Guiding Light

Mind full of doubt and uncertainty; feeling overly influenced by and entangled with the energy of others; uncertainty about where you are going in life; cut off from intuitive/spiritual guidance; feelings of despair, darkness, fear, depression; possibly suicidal; loss of a loved one; facing death – your own or that of others.

Angel Star Essence supports you in staying clear, defined, and centred in your own truth, no matter what the circumstances. It facilitates knowing your own light and ‘shape’ in times when your clarity is threatened by confusing and demanding circumstances or energies. Like a clear and slender thread of gold in a very dark maze, it helps you find your way through to the other side.

The essence supports you in retaining your own voice when the voices of others (including those from the past echoing in your head) confuse and undermine your confidence and your ability to respond from a gentle and empowered place within. These are the voices that fill your mind with ‘should’ and ‘have to’, blocking your innate capacity to think and respond for yourself from generosity and wisdom. 

Angel Star brings definition to Who You Are at your core when you are in any situation where this feels unclear. Often, such situations are alchemical fires in which there is potential for a deeper knowledge of Self to be forged. The essence invites you to step away from entanglement with the energy of either the situation or the people in it, remaining clear within your own Self. Such situations can feel intensely dark and frightening, but this essence helps to shine a clear light into the shadows and illuminate the simple reality of your own truth. It invites you courageously to walk forward, following that inner light.


Gem essence


Keynote: Relationship to the Physical

Feeling ungrounded, disconnected from your body/physicality; sluggishness in your physical energy, sense of being blocked; not able to relate to, connect with or engage with your body; fear of being embodied.

Aragonite supports you in being embodied in a way that feels safe and stable. As an essence, it helps you to reconnect with places within your body-being from which energy has withdrawn - from trauma, fear or old memories. Aragonite helps you to relax and come back into these areas - often experienced as stiffness, pain, illness or weakness - and inhabit them anew. As you soften and relax here, energy can flow again. 

Mental constructs obstruct the natural harmony and flow of the body. Areas in the body that are acutely or chronically tense and clenched can be indicative of aspects of your being you do not fully inhabit due to old beliefs and fears. What we accept, we relax into and inhabit easefully; what we resist, we tense away from. These areas of tension result in blocked places within the energy field, where the flow is impeded. On the other side of these blocks are areas of emptiness, a vacuum where the energy canonot get through. They all translate to problems and symptoms at a physical level. 

Aragonite Essence helps to soothe the body, first and foremost, by restoring to consciousness the knowledge that it is safe to inhabit this gift of physicality we have been given. The essence gentles and soothes, allowing us to relax into and own our physical space, becoming more fully embodied. It works to lightly skim away old memories that come up to be released, and to untangle the constraints of old beliefs, all of which wrap themselves about the body over months and years, resulting in deep patterns of imbalance. With the help of this essence, we re-engage with our physicality and our flow, feeling the body’s warmth and welcome again.

There is also a deeper level at which this essence calls and speaks to us. As we heal the pain around our own physicality – our own share of the Body Earth – we each contribute to a greater level of healing on a planetary level. Aragonite invites us to respect and honour not only our own body but the physical Earth on which we live. It helps us move beyond the belief that either of these hold unlimited physical resources for us to plunder or neglect. It reminds us of our role as a guardian – one who tends and nurtures this physicality that it may thrive.

Balnakeil Bay

Gem/Environmental essence


Keynote: Self-Realisation

Deep processes which are bringing to light new information about yourself; facing your shadow side; needing to understand more deeply your gifts and your individual nature; supporting greater self-awareness; for dissolving blocks to realising your true nature in life and living this fully.

Balnakeil Bay Essence supports self-realisation: it helps you come to a place of greater consciousness regarding the totality of who you are and what you have come here to do. The essence stimulates deeper awareness of the unique role you have to play in life and helps support you in fulfilling this potential. In both senses of the word, then, it enables you to realise your true self.

The spiritual teacher Osho said: ‘You are not accidental. Existence needs you. Without you something will be missing in existence and nobody can replace it.’ It is this sense of your entelechy – your essential nature or guiding principle – to which the essence restores you.

In becoming more deeply aware of your individual nature, you face the reality of your wholeness. You acknowledge your flaws and your beauty, your darkness and your light, your individual challenges and your gifts. Balnakeil Bay helps you comprehend more of who you are and all that this entails; and it supports you in embracing and accepting your full nature. There is an alchemy that comes from living the individual potential you embody, and this essence helps you come to this.

Balnakeil Bay Essence is supportive for any time you feel thrust into self-knowledge by life, and are struggling with new realisations about yourself; or for times when you are journeying more deeply into an understanding of your place in the whole. It gently illuminates that part of the tapestry of life you particularly pertain to, helping to reveal where your unique thread lies.

Bee Orchid

Ophrys apifera


Keynote: Individual Path

Difficulties in connecting with or manifesting your work in the world; internal and external obstacles; lack of belief/self-doubt; needing reassurance; feeling alone and unsupported; needing to connect with the spiritual source of your work.

Bee Orchid Essence supports the manifesting of your life’s work. It reminds you to believe in miracles, especially the miracle that is at work within you – your own envisioning made real. It helps you to birth, nourish and bring forth something that you and you alone can see, create and contribute to the world, to feel its spiritual blueprint within you and remain anchored in its vision. And it supports you in keeping going against impossible odds, against profound inner doubts, and when it feels like there is no external support or interest.

The path of realising your own work can, at times, feel difficult and solitary, even unrewarding. But it is the path of individuality: what is being created is unique and, although you are alone for now, this has the advantage that the energy of your vision is not being diluted or derailed through contact with others. Sometimes, it is the very adversity we suffer that gives us the determination to complete something truly inspirational and wonderful. And it is not necessarily the case that you will always have to work alone. However, if, for now, loved ones, colleagues and the wider public are not seeing the worth of your work, even though the vision of it continues to burn in you, then trust it and take the time to develop it.

Bee Orchid helps keep the beauty, spiritual significance and depth of what you are producing uppermost. As a plant, this orchid is elegant and marvellous. Its vivid bee-like flowers curl around the stem like a spiral staircase. It invites you to keep moving up the staircase, knowing the worth of each step. It is an essence that can support work of epic and life-changing proportions, helping you to manifest your dreams in alignment with your spiritual truth.

Bird Cherry

Prunus padus


Keynote: Letting Go

Constantly looking back over your shoulder at what has past; unable to rest and receive the present moment; lack of conscious awareness of the here and now, your surroundings and circumstances; caught in old energies and memories; unable or unwilling to let go.

Bird Cherry Essence teaches that it is not what you are doing but how you are responding to life that determines the quality of your experience. Now is all that matters; no other time or moment. Here, you can choose to Be. Bird Cherry Essence invites you into full presence, reminding you to live lightly in the Now. Undistracted by memories of the past or fantasies of the future, you can let go, becoming immersed in What Is - open to its possibilities.

Life is ephemeral. It is so easy to miss this moment: you keep looking back with longing for what once was or expending your energy trying to control what is yet to be. Bird Cherry essence reminds you to fully participate with the living reality of the present moment, taking it in at all levels, living it to its very depth.

Bird Cherry is particularly appropriate for the elderly or frail, reminding them that they can still blossom with vigour and beauty in their energy and potency, still be present and thus have presence. Our final years are something many dread. Indeed, so many elderly people assume that their life is over and so spend much of their time looking backwards. But the present moment is always here, fully alive, fresh and unscripted, available to inhabit. Whether you are old or young, this potency never diminishes.

Bird Cherry Essence reminds you that it is how you live each moment that has true meaning and power in your life. What you are doing is secondary; how you are doing it is primary. What you do will change over time, and your life will look very different at various stages of your existence. But the creativity and fluidity with which you live and respond in every moment - the inner journey of being present – remains, whatever the outside circumstances. Harnessing the resources of the here and now, you can be present to challenges, lightly and mindfully releasing all stories and beliefs about them, blossoming in grace, recovering your light and your joy.

Bird's Eye Primrose

Primula farinosa


Keynote: Inner Vision

Struggling to perceive beyond a limited vision of life; tunnel vision; narrow world view; difficulty in integrating perception that is beyond the ordinary and beyond the five senses; for Shamans, seers and healers who ‘see’ beyond the mundane and need support with integrating this.

Bird’s Eye Primrose Essence strengthens your awareness of what it is to ‘see’. It fosters inner vision and insight around the deeper currents that run through life and helps you notice and be alert to these in ordinary day-to-day living. By rekindling and supporting your visionary abilities, it helps you to see how the ordinary is actually extraordinary.

The essence facilitates observing at several different levels at once as you see beyond material reality and discern more than is immediately visible. It also assists in harmonising and integrating what you see. With Bird’s Eye Primrose, you begin to comprehend the wholeness and the patterns in your life, to see possible paths and where they lead, and sense how to tread with greater surety.

This essence is of particular use to anyone working with a more spiritual or shamanic way of perceiving the world: those who ‘walk between two worlds’ and who may be termed ‘seers’. It helps you to recognise true vision - insight and knowing, imbued with the clarity and joy of Spirit. Furthermore, it helps you to recognise its opposite - information or images that are forced because of internal or external demands, and actually just feel tenuous, strained and unreliable. Acknowledging the difference is important for your integrity as a practitioner: the former feels like a gift that opens through you; the latter like something you are trying to snatch. Vision will not be snatched: it will only ever respond to invitation and openness. 

Bird’s Eye Primrose is also important in supporting any practitioner to integrate and ground visions, skills of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, and insights that emerge through dreams (lucid or otherwise). All of these need to be assimilated into everyday reality, if they are to be of real use. Working in this field requires real skill and discernment. Bird’s Eye Primrose hones your ability. It enables you to see in all directions at once with depth and clarity, taking in the full picture. It helps you to become more aware of how you yourself fit most harmoniously into the tapestry of the Whole, and it supports you in walking forward with your eyes - and inner eye - fully open. With this essence, you find your senses wakefully gathering the information that keeps you shrewd, sure and dancing.


Prunus spinosa


Keynote: Energetic Clarity

Feeling attacked, invaded and threatened; fearful of certain people or places; sensing dark energies; feeling overpowered by another person’s dark intentions; forgetting your innate wholeness and wellbeing as your ultimate source of protection.

The ephemeral blossoms of the Blackthorn emerge in the spring: a sudden spray of white froth along the hedgerow, lifting the bleakness of a landscape still mired in the dark colours of winter. However, these frothy blossoms can temporarily distract us from the shrub’s true nature: a dark, dense little tree covered in piercingly sharp, black thorns (from which it gets its name), set amongst a thicket of twigs and branches. 

Blackthorn Essence is unique in that it has two seemingly contradictory uses. Its use is as an essence of protection and purification: it enables you to resist, deflect and dissolve dark, invasive energies from other people and/or the environment in which you find yourself. With its help, you can see danger coming and remain energetically intact in the face of it. Any sense of being vulnerable and permeable decreases, as the edges of your energy field strengthen and repel. Furthermore, the essence can purify you of dark energies that have already penetrated and taken hold. 

However, whilst you can use Blackthorn in this way, with great effect in the acute - and I strongly recommend you do in order to gain the clarity needed to move to the next stage - ultimately, essences do not work on the principle that something ‘out there’ can harm you. And here we come to the deeper use for Blackthorn Essence. The essence actually works by fortifying your connection to your innate purity and wholeness. It reminds you that you were never under threat to begin with, because there is no ‘other’ out there that can harm you.


Your essential nature is oneness with All That Is. You are wholeness and all that comes back to meet you is wholeness. It is only your thinking, in the moment, that can ever make it appear otherwise. This, then, is your true protection: freedom from illusory and misleading thoughts about your world. Coming back to this potent truth, you naturally find yourself releasing any perception of attack. You recover an awareness of yourself as innately safe, whole and connected. Outside threats diminish and you see situations and people with new eyes. Blackthorn Essence, then, helps you transcend the illusion of being vulnerable to something outside yourself.


Hyacinthoides non-scriptus


Keynote: Trust in Love

Mistrusting love; resentful, suspicious, guarded; unable to forgive; sense of entitlement; experiencing constant disappointment in love; unable to open to love and intimacy; protected, defended heart; inability to be soft and vulnerable with others.

Bluebell Essence is an essence that tends the wounded heart. Specifically, it helps to ease away any residue of past pain and disappointments that may be tainting your experience of love now. The essence invites you back to the innocent trust in Love that is your natural state: not as naivety or gullibility, but as love anchored in wisdom.

Bluebell Essence helps you to integrate the teachings that come from past experiences, for good and for bad. It is too easy to become hardened by negative experiences. When we feel hurt, abandoned or rejected by another, we tend to close down around the hurt, even to the point of deadening our feelings and shutting ourselves off from others. This is not the path of Love, but the path of Hurt. There is another way: to stay connected to your loving heart, open to growing and learning whatever life has to teach. From here, past experiences become stepping stones to greater awareness and intimacy.

Bluebell is an essence that supports you in your vulnerability, gently tending you in your pain and loss in a very intimate way: it does not force you to move on from this before you are ready, and it holds the space for you whilst you are here. Recall the plant itself: the gentle weeping head of the bluebell, its modest and pervasive colour, its subtle scent and its beauty - everything about it touches the heart. It is a living reminder of grace and grief, honesty and vulnerability, strength and sensitivity. Taking as an essence, you may find yourself letting go of that within you which has held back from loving again. In time, you may find that you are naturally able to put down the burden of old beliefs around love being unsafe, not being a real thing, or simply not being something that happens to you: you may find yourself ready to love again.

Bluebell recalls that profound trust you feel on falling in love – the ability to truly see the good in a person. You begin to feel that rejuvenation of your heart energy, like Spring within you. But the essence also reminds you of the importance of accepting the totality of yourself and another in order that any relationship may grow and deepen. It calls on you to be mature in your love, moving beyond idealism to the compassion of true communion from a gentle and open heart space.


Menyanthes trifoliata


Keynote: Healthy Sensitivity

Overly sensitive; absorbing the emotions and thoughts of other people/having to put on a cold, hard ‘front’ to protect a nature of great sensitivity; to help in sensing the lay of the land in your life; attuning deeply to the information your senses provide.

Bogbean Essence supports the development of your sensitivity in ways that are healthy and harmonious. Being ‘too sensitive’ creates fragility, and leaves one feeling exposed and vulnerable to life’s knocks, overwhelmed by the needs and feelings of others. Being ‘insensitive’ conveys a sense of indifference towards others, awkwardness when handling other people’s moods and a loss of ease when faced with one’s own softer emotions.

Bogbean helps you to recover the gift of balanced sensitivity. We are all intimately connected, and we are each constantly picking up signals from the collective consciousness. This essence helps you to sort and distil this information into what directly pertains to you and what can be discarded so that you neither overburden yourself with minutiae nor miss something relevant. 

For anyone working in the caring profession, this is a grounding essence to use. It helps in sensing the needs and emotions of others without catching the contagion of an unfolding drama: you can witness, empathise and respond, without being drawn in. By balancing outward awareness of another’s emotion with an inner felt-sense of the living Now, you stay anchored inside rather than being pulled in to someone else’s distress or demands.

Bogbean Essence supports the integrity of your aura, protecting and cushioning the fine nerve-like filaments of your energy-body that are the means by which you interact with the world around. You feel more robust energetically; less exposed and vulnerable in your sensitivity. Using the gift of healthy sensitivity, you are able to take in the whole picture, ‘see round corners’ and read the terrain more deeply. With compassion and awareness, you watch external reality unfold from the firm anchor of your inner reality.

Burnt Orchid

Neotinea ustulata


Keynote: Burning Away the Past

Repetition of negative patterns and old karma; stuck at the same level of consciousness and unable to progress; frustration, self-doubt, at war within; inner vision obscured; mired in suffering and pain.

Burnt Orchid Essence supports a shift in consciousness when you sense that you are held back by past patterns, beliefs or karma. You may be in the grip of old games and stories you feel you have endlessly played a part in. You keep sensing that you are, at last, about to break through, but then find that you are not quite able to reach the light. This state brings frustration and uncertainty: the next level can be seen and felt, but not quite reached.

Burnt Orchid addresses, and calls to awareness, any patterns of limitation and suffering you are continuing to live out that may be blocking your progress. Unconsciously (or consciously) colluding with these beliefs keeps you in their grasp. The essence clarifies your inner vision so that you can view your life as if from a higher level. You see how you have been burnt by similar situations, time after time in your life. You see the cycles of hurt and pain, and you begin to understand how you allow their presence in your life. What was unclear before suddenly starts to shift into focus as you understand your own part in the drama and perceive that there are other ways - and other responses - possible. 

Burnt Orchid Essence calls you to live from the next level - a level that is more spiritually refined and evolved; as such, it helps to gentle the warring self and restore inner peace. It is the essence to take when you can say, ‘I am willing to shed resistance, pain and suffering. I step into my power, into my world, into my body, into my relationships, into my work. I now embody Spirit and allow myself to be this quiet Joy.’ This is a true declaration of liberation and independence. You climb out of the mire of an old belief in suffering, burn away old karmic patterns, and attain the next level of spiritual awareness, becoming the peace and joy you long for.

Butterfly Orchid

Platanthera bifolia


Keynote: Healing Consciousness

Difficulty channelling healing energy for self and others; energy feeling sluggish/ dirty/tainted; blocked energy within the energy-bodies, chakras or pathways; tendency to use own energy in bodywork or healing, rather than bringing in Spiritual energy; healing energy feeling too powerful or overwhelming for clients; learning to become a safe channel.

Butterfly Orchid aligns you vertically with Heaven and Earth through your spinal cord: from this central axis its energy radiates out, correcting imbalances and clearing obstructions throughout your energy field. It is an essence for all healing and therapy work, for sacred ceremony and for meditation. If you are to be a conduit, a ‘hollow reed’ for the healing energy of the Universe, then your own blocks need first to be addressed. Butterfly Orchid leads you through that process with great care, cleansing and aligning your subtle energy-matrix.

As a healer or therapist, the essence helps you connect to a softer, feminine (yin) energy, that is both clear and compassionate. It helps you to gentle and quieten yourself in the face of the energy you bring through and send out, enabling you to channel increasingly strong and pure levels of healing. Using this essence, you ensure that the energy you draw on for healing is not your own but comes from Spirit: it protects you from expending all your energy by giving this away to clients, whilst also ensuring that the energy you send out is pure.

Butterfly Orchid also protects you when you go to someone as a client by ensuring that the source of the healing energy you receive is pure. When receiving healing, whether in a complimentary health session or in conventional medical situation, the essence helps you take in the highest, most loving expression of this from the giver, filtering out any lower energies. This is particularly helpful if you are sensitive to energy and are in hospital or attending a busy practice: it stops lower energies ‘sticking’ to you when you are at your most vulnerable. Butterfly Orchid supports you in opening to pure healing consciousness, feeling the comfort of it coursing through you, cleansing and aligning you.

Celtic Rainforest

Environmental essence

CRF essence.jpg

Keynote: Regeneration

Adrift, lost, uprooted; focused on tiny details, unable to connect with the long- view; out of kilter with self, the good medicine of your life and your community; depleted, weakened, sad; lacking in trust and inner resourcefulness; feeling there is no point, and nothing will help.

The Celtic Rainforests are small and unique eco-systems found on certain parts of the west coast of Scotland and the Scottish islands. These endangered woodlands hold a stunning diversity of ferns, mosses and other plant life. The trees are all characters: stunted by the storms that blast in from across the Atlantic, all the way from America, they have strange and beautiful sculpted limbs and dense canopies that protect the species huddled beneath. It is a fey and magical environment; however, it is also one that embodies deep endurance and an incredible capacity for adaptation.


The essence of Celtic Rainforest recalls your ability to sense the world about you and learn how to adapt and thrive. It invokes a connectivity that is deeply embodied, seeded in your vital force and rooted in the present. This connection endlessly regenerates your energy field in harmony with the energy of All That Is. Loving, restorative and protective, the essence soothes and stabilises.

Working with Celtic Rainforest Essence, you begin to feel for the balance of energy, sensing when to yield and when to stand firm. It helps you to wisely discern what to do when and with whom in order to maintain balance that is good for yourself and for all concerned.

Celtic Rainforest supports the development of patience and wisdom when navigating your way in life, and especially in your community; it supports you in having ample trust so that you can take the long-view and let things unfold. And yet, this is never at the cost of Self: you remember how to accommodate but also how to stand firm in order that the truth of the moment - rather than the needs of any one individual - is upheld. The essence also helps you get the balance between not being cowed by adversity or challenge, but also not seeking or creating unnecessary melodrama. You find your steadfast centre, trusting in a loving solution unfolding. As you trust this, so do you facilitate it.

Chickweed Wintergreen

Trientalis europaea


Keynote: Compassion and Forgiveness

Feelings of shame, guilt and unease; lack of remorse; harsh judgement of your own ‘sins’/those of others; inability to heal and move on from negative experiences; feeling tainted by past experiences.

Chickweed Wintergreen Essence wipes the slate clean: it absolves and purifies feelings of guilt and shame.

This essence touches the places within you that you are least comfortable revealing to others: places where you hold old pain regarding transgressions you, or other people, have made that have left you scarred in some way. Regardless of the extent of these experiences and memories in reality, it is the hold they evince over you now that makes them significant. Where they trigger feelings of pain, shame and guilt, this indicates areas within you that remain unresolved and unhealed. Such memories and experiences take your energy and undermine your ability to see your own and other people’s innocence.

Chickweed Wintergreen works with great gentleness to help you release and heal these areas of your psyche and being. When you stay locked in a pattern of guilt and denial, shunning your shadow self and experiences, you do not reach the next part of the cycle - to feel remorse and grief and learn the healing lessons of the situation. The essence brings the internal support to do this. It acts as a welcome balm, restoring you to parts of yourself and your life that may have felt monstrous, disgusting, deeply shameful, or just simply uncomfortable. It teaches you to see these anew, to hold them with compassion and composure, and to learn to look into the face of your own pain without judgement. In this way you are able to come to a place of truly tolerating and forgiving yourself and others.


Melampyrum pratense

Cotton Grass

Eriophorum angustifolium


Keynote: Spiritual Emergency

Fear, shakiness and distress – can be very intense; feeling acutely unsafe or shaken by trauma; difficulty pulling yourself back together and focusing on the immediate situation; energy field feeling weak and dispersed by shock; feeling exposed, vulnerable and afraid.

Cotton Grass tops are both soothing to see and comforting to hold with their lovely soft cotton-wool heads. Children adore touching them and playing with them and this soothing, friendly energy can be felt in the essence itself.

Cotton Grass is an essence of protection and grounding. It reminds you that you are safe and supported, even in intensely challenging and fearful situations when you might feel shocked to the core and deeply destabilised. When shaky, ungrounded, insecure and uncertain, when under attack or feeling subject to dark traumatic energies, you can reach for this essence. The clarity and softness of its energy is invaluable. It is like ‘spiritual first aid’: soothing the soul and reminding you of your core energy blueprint which is one of wholeness and ease. It helps you strengthen your hold on this core of wellbeing when you can sense the imprint of distress encroaching on you. 

The essence is now part of both Light Support Combination and Healer’s Light Combination because of its ability to offer aid during extreme times. However, it can also be used at any time when you need its protective and grounding feel. It is truly a friendly essence in times of need.


Primula veris


Keynote: Clear Thinking

Woolly panicky thinking when faced with choosing between your old thinking and your authentic self in the Now; inability to discern and read the present moment clearly; not trusting your own mind; unable to make up your mind.

We live in increasingly complex and distracting times, and qualities of discernment and mental discipline are key to your mental wellbeing. The ability to read the subtleties within situations, with calmness and clarity, helps you articulate your truth to others and shape your life accordingly. When you see clearly, you are more able to speak and act clearly. Cowslip Essence helps you see the integrated pattern of that which lies ahead, and find the authentic way through.

With Cowslip, you learn to integrate spiritual consciousness with everyday awareness. Like Yellow Wort, it is an essence that works with the quietening of the mind. Whilst Yellow Wort works directly on patterns of cyclical negative thinking, Cowslip helps you apply clear-thinking in the moment, filtering out unnecessary mental ‘noise’ that would cloud your insight and discernment, and distract or sabotage your focus. I think of the essence as restoring a kind of muscular strength to the mind, so you can choose how and where you apply your attention and your intelligence. With Cowslip’s help, your mind is yours to wield and use with single-minded clarity and effectiveness. You no longer feel overwhelmed when facing complex situations - capitulating into vague and woolly-minded thinking, easily distracted, easily fed solutions by others; instead, you remember the power of being able to think for and from your Self.

Cowslip Essence helps not only with discernment, but also with the discipline and clarity needed to follow through on this so the wisdom you glean is not lost but acted upon. The shape and feel of your life quickly begins to reflect this increased mental robustness and focus.


Melampyrum pratensea


Keynote: Clear Speaking

Blocked self-expression; finding it difficult to speak; struggling to put complex ideas into words; finding that what you are saying comes out wrong; trepidation when needing to convey something difficult; anxiety around public speaking.

Cow-Wheat helps you to find your words and convey what you need to say with clarity, ease and confidence. The essence helps you connect inwards and find, therein, a quiet, clear pool from which the words you need will emerge of their own accord - trustworthy, eloquent and apt. 

Sometimes, the simple act of trying to express yourself truthfully and authentically seems riddled with difficulties. Cow-Wheat is the essence to use when your ability to express yourself is blocked: you are ‘lost for words’, ‘tongue-tied’, feel too shy to speak or are afraid of saying the wrong thing. You may find yourself continually putting your foot in it. Or you inadvertently tend to compromise yourself in order to please your listener rather than voicing what is true for you. You may find yourself being too harsh, too blunt or too clumsy (see Viper’s Bugloss for being overly critical of others); or you may find yourself being too timid, woolly or vague. However it is manifesting, you are struggling to convey your meaning in a way that others can hear and receive. 

When you experience this difficulty around self-expression, this is an indication that you are not truly listening to yourself in the moment: you have momentarily lost your connection to your Essential Self. Centred here, you are naturally eloquent and potent. You do not even have to think about your words: the right words find you. They emerge as truth: relaxed, clear and calm, and they have a particular quality: they are authoritative, but also non-threatening. You find that you can express yourself with strength and compassion, and you find that other people sit up and listen. As such, the essence is also deeply helpful for times when you are speaking in public, or in groups, or when you are about to talk to someone about something difficult - any situation where you may be knocked off centre and lose your connection with your own wellspring of words. With the help of the essence, you are able to settle back into that clear space within and remember to simply let the words come.

Cow-Wheat points you back to easeful eloquence. It helps you access your inner wisdom, and it facilitates the emergence of your authentic self-expression.