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Gentianella anglica


Keynote: Being

Struggling and striving for answers and knowledge; putting in too much effort so that the answers are chased away; shutting down to Spirit: trying to think your way to solutions without connecting to your inner wisdom; lack of trust in the way things are and the movement of life.

Gentian invites you back to a place of inner quiet and repose where insights can emerge, truth unfold, and fears and darkness naturally fall away. This gentle essence speaks of inner stillness. It calls you within, to a place of quiet awareness. It reminds you that much of what you think of as life is ‘just so much noise’. Caught up in the drama of ‘one damn thing after another’, you get lulled into thinking that these dramas are reality and that you must therefore respond from that same energetic level. However, this is to remain caught in the web of illusion: you do not fulfil your purpose as a spiritual being; you do not realise your true nature; you do not experience the joy inherent within you. 

Gentian is an essence to work with over time. It invites you to quieten sufficiently within that you can sink beneath the ‘monkey mind’. In deep inner stillness, you begin to perceive a relationship to life that is beyond struggle, striving and suffering. As you open to this, you begin to see how Life just happens, without your needing to control it. And, as you sit within this, watching its infinite and wise unfolding, knowing emerges, insights appear, deep connections become apparent, understanding blossoms and creativity flourishes. Suddenly, you find yourself in the flow of a mysterious and wondrous spontaneity. When you quieten and open in this way, you find yourself all the richer for it. 

Why is this? Because you have made space within yourself for something other than the personality’s needs and melodrama. You have opened to the whispers of the deep Self and reconnected to the interactive and scintillating matrix of energy that is the very nature of Creation. In this space, there is nothing to reach for or think through: you simply relax and open, letting answers, guidance and knowing appear. From here, you move and act from this knowing, from one open space to another.


Trollius europaeus


Keynote: Inter-relating

Believing you are separate and different; disconnection from community/world/times; acting without awareness of the Whole; difficulty understanding the ripples of your actions; issues of self-responsibility and self-love; comprehending the wider significance of your existence.

Globeflower Essence helps you comprehend Wholeness: your wholeness as an individual, the wholeness of your life, and the wholeness of all Life. Through the insights this affords, you begin to understand that you play a vital part in changing and contributing to the whole, both consciously and unconsciously. Globeflower is an essence that brings comfort, helping you to see more clearly the intricate matrix of life that surrounds and supports you; it helps you to understand your own creative responsibility - and that nothing is done in isolation without sending ripples. 

Globeflower teaches something germane to our times: the remembrance that we are all in the same Dream and all aspects of the same living organism. We are reliant on and responsible for each other. We are bound to, supported by and nestled in the completeness of all Creation. All is joined, all is connected. What you do touches you, me, Life. This is an essence that helps you embody this concept more consciously. It enables you to feel at ease in your own being, at the centre of Life, rather than feeling overwhelmed and immobilised by this level of responsibility. 

You have extraordinary powers and gifts at your disposal: you meet within Life that which you conceive of within yourself. In your creative reconnection with what feels good and wholesome within, you will meet this externally.

As you continue to mature, Globeflower assists you in going further: it invites you to apply this understanding beyond yourself, to think holistically about the macrocosm, the people and the planet, and to understand your potential to support the earth you inhabit from a place of strength, peace and care.

Golden Light

Environmental essence

Golden Light.jpg

Golden Light Essence is an essence of play and wonder. Its light and pristine energy invigorates and stimulates the life-force; it asks you to wake up, look around and take in the beauty. It enables you to align with the spiritual connection that brings abundance into your future. It is an essence of intense clarity and energising spontaneity. 

Golden Light calls on you to play and dream, to dare and imagine. It reminds you to laugh, to open to light and happiness, to experience, to delight and to revel in Life. It is from this place that we are most able to create - spontaneously, abundantly and fruitfully. It helps you to shed your heaviness and sorrow, your caution and fearfulness. And it lets you dance into transition without being aware that you are doing it.

Golden Light encourages you to let go and return to a place of childlike trust where you can dream a good dream for your future and hold it in your mind like stars in the night sky – magical, sacred and blessed.

Keynote: Dancing Forward

Lack of hope for the future; feeling of powerlessness concerning future events; lack of confidence in creating the life of your dreams; struggling to take the reins and direct the course of your life; lack of spontaneity and play; feelings of heaviness and hopelessness; lost or stifled dreams; for reconnecting with a promising life.

Grass of Parnassus

Parnassia palustris


Grass of Parnassus Essence strengthens your ability to stand in your full power without feeling apologetic, embarrassed or unworthy, and without imposing this power on others. It helps you perceive your innate beauty and purity, gently reminding you of this, whatever else you may have come to believe about yourself.

The chalice-like flower of Grass of Parnassus holds and reflects the light. It grows on a single stem rising up through a heart-shaped leaf. As an essence, it brings you to an awareness of the Light that pervades everything, including yourself, an awareness that you reach through your own heart. It helps you to contain your own light and strength - not leak away your power, light, or beauty through feelings of unworthiness. Rather than giving away that which is integral to you, it helps you to strengthen and maintain it, radiating it out.

Many people fear to shine their light, to be fully all they can be, to stand in the centre of their own magnificence, modest yet powerful. As Marianne Williamson famously wrote:


'Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.'


Grass of Parnassus helps you to feel safe in your power and inner beauty, to shine your light with grace and modesty, comfortable with the truth of your own majesty.

Keynote: Celebrating your Light

Giving away your power and light; self-negating; uncomfortable with, unaware of, or not acknowledging your own beauty and worth; inability to stand in your power consistently; arrogance or fear around matters of personal power and the power of others.

Greater Cuckooflower

Cardamine raphanifolia

gck web.jpg

Keynote: Love and Friendship

Lonely, separate, outside things; difficulty in making friends; struggling with intimacy and opening up to others; difficulty in social situations; shy and awkward; fear of being in groups or with other people; relationships that are stilted, lacking play and fellowship. 

Greater Cuckooflower Essence helps engender and strengthen feelings of intimacy, companionship and friendship. Supportive of all aspects of relating, it helps you to feel at ease with the company of others, to trust, to open up, to be willing to engage and take responsibility, and to enjoy and take pleasure in your relationships. Its energy invokes feelings of intimacy, openness, playfulness and balance. Heart-warming and joyful, it helps you to revel in the pleasure of being with others and assists you in being present and aware so that you can dance within your relationships with humour and lightness.

Greater Cuckooflower is an essence for anyone who struggles with socialising, friendship, relationships and community. This may be through shyness and a lack of ease in company, or it may be because others find you difficult or awkward to be around. 

It helps people who feel alone and separate move towards creating enduring, mutually-supportive and enjoyable relationships with others. It is also good for anyone who wants to strengthen their connections further, deepening their ability to find support, love and pleasure in the company of others. It is a lovely essence to spray around at parties or communal gatherings, along with Fragrant Orchid: together they invoke openness, receptivity, and willingness to engage, whilst also providing an anchor to the divine purpose for this group of people to gather together at this precise time. 

Greater Cuckooflower helps in easing social discomfort and any related fears you may have. It supports the flourishing of quiet inner confidence and calls forth from within your heart a genuine interest in others that helps propel you forward into friendship.

Greater Sea Spurrey

Spergularia media


Keynote: Angelic Support

Lack of experience of angelic support and/or lack of belief in the existence of angels; cynicism around spirituality; seeing your loved ones harshly and judgmentally, rather than as sacred messengers; a Godless experience of life; spiritually under-nourished.

Greater Sea Spurrey helps you to know and feel the presence of angelic or celestial energy in your life. Angelic contact is something that humans have experienced consistently throughout the ages. You may feel that quality of energy around you at times: something immensely pure, exquisite and heightened. You can also feel it within yourself: its sublime and celestial quality is one of deep Love.

You may even hear, see, feel and work with the angelic realms or celestial energies, allowing yourself to be infused with this grace and beauty, naturally connecting with this in other human beings, angel-to-angel, Spiritual Self to Spiritual Self. When you seek out the common bond that exists within every one of us, of an angelic core, you begin to connect with and radiate love, beauty and peace. Letting yourself become the conduit for this ‘holiness’, you sanctify both your own and other people’s Spiritual Self.

The essence holds great sweetness and gentleness. It brings peace and stillness to the heart centre. Greater Sea Spurrey invites you to connect with absolute love to another person at the highest level, so that your interactions are all they can be. 

For an exquisite quality of spiritual communion, awareness and connection, especially between yourself and others, this essence acts as your guide. It helps you move beyond the bleak vision you would have were we to see this world as devoid of Spirit. Instead, you find yourself wholly inhabiting a world suffused with light and brilliance and charged with Love.

Green-Winged Orchid

Anacamptis morio


Keynote: Intuition

Blocked intuition; disbelieving your own intuitive abilities; needing to take time to quietly listen and heed inner wisdom; disconnected from your path and purpose; feeling lost; loss of confidence around finding your own way; needing to impress others with psychic powers.

Green-Winged Orchid helps you to listen, with all your senses, to a ‘higher’ knowing. When I was making the essence, it presented itself to me with the phrase ‘borne on Angel’s Wings’: and, indeed, this higher knowing truly is an angelic form of intuition that is loving, light-filled, free from ego, deeply grounded in Nature and written into the deep responsiveness of your body-being to this moment.

Green-Winged Orchid helps you to strengthen your intuition and clarify your perception. When you wish to open to the wisdom within, it enables you to clearly feel for this. It is particularly helpful when you are navigating through convoluted or fanciful thinking - or the ego’s need to appear wise or psychic - and simply discern the truth. Often, those with some degree of clairvoyance or strong sensitivity can find themselves caught up in impressing others with their ‘powers’. When this happens you lose your head, lose your integrity and lose your clarity. The essence bids you to return to something strongly authentic and humble, born of a living awareness of the world around you and the wisdom that your authentic presence yields.

The messages that come on angel’s wings are ‘extraordinarily normal’: extraordinary because of the wisdom they bring; normal because everyone has access to them. Sensing through the body, energetically and physically, in a way that is heightened, refined, and aware, you enter a state of grace - ordinary but wonderful - and find you can truly see.


Campanula rotundifolia


Keynote: Clear Space

Heaviness, burden, duty, responsibility; feeling cowed and caged; paralysed by demands; forgetting to care for the free wild spirit within and nurture its expression; overly sombre and serious; going into patterns of reactivity and shut-down due to excessive stress. 

Harebell Essence helps you to shed burdens and clear yourself of the feeling of being weighted down - in your physical or energetic environment, on a spiritual level, and mentally and emotionally. The energy of this essence is light, clean and refined. It invites you to ‘lighten up’, to remember what it is to have clear space around you in which to explore and spread your wings, and to reconnect with the wild freedom so essential for your soul. 

You can take Harebell Essence to assist you in a practical way when you are clearing clutter from your house. It helps you to see what is necessary and vital for you as you move forward, and what encumbers or drags you back. It enables you to shed clutter, giving you room to expand and grow as you create an environment that is more suited to who you are now. 

You can also take Harebell to shed emotional baggage. This is an essence that encourages you to breathe, look about yourself and make room, so that you can respond more readily to Life. It helps make conscious any habitual thought-patterns and beliefs that need reconsidering. Through it, you gain perspective on patterns of reaction and fear that you no longer need. Where you find yourself in emotional reactivity that is overly heavy and serious - and far beyond anything the situation really warrants - taking Harebell will enable you to regain perspective and find a lighter way of responding. This, in turn, opens up fresh ways of being. It is as if the essence creates a sense of space, a pause, from which you can act with greater awareness and freedom. 

Harebell invites you to dance lightly with Life. With this essence, you refine your connection with Spirit, release old and bitter burdens, and feel how like the angels you are when you take yourself - and your life - lightly.

Hare' Foot Clover

Trifolium arvense


Keynote: Tenderness

Defensiveness, harshness towards others, aggression; for the tendency to defend vulnerable feelings in yourself with anger and violence, or for being on the receiving end of this in others; resisting, rejecting, kicking against life – and feeling kicks and rejection from others. 

Hare’s Foot Clover Essence helps you to soften: it ‘gentles’ you. With it, you find the support to let go of hardness, tension, prickliness and defensiveness, and shed cynical beliefs you may hold - all of which keep you separate from your world. Instead, the essence reminds you that there is a soft safety in being open and loving. 

Anyone who has ever met someone else’s harshness and anxiety with calm and gentleness knows how wonderful it is to hold a space of quiet care for yourself and them - and to find yourself unhurt by their inadvertent harshness. This kindness envelops and protects you, proving stronger than the fear and anger being expressed, restoring love and peace for you both. 

Soothing and stabilising the aura, releasing the tension of defence, relaxing the hard edges, you come back to a gentle way of being that does not demand and clamour, but simply Is. Rather than resisting, Hare’s Foot Clover invites you to accept and receive, in full trust and love. What a message! 

People who need this essence feel lost, isolated, lonely, unsupported, unloved, hard-edged and/or prickly. It is often indicated when there is an acute sensitivity to rejection. Through the essence, you can bring this velvet-like gentleness into your daily life, responding from the inner child who has no edges – only a warm wish to connect. 

For children, the Hare’s Foot Clover essence feels enveloping: like drops of pure love, it helps them stay open and peaceful. It is wonderful when combined with Thrift, which helps a child feel safe. Together, they support a child’s tenderness and sensitivity, or enable the adult’s inner child to express its loving nature. 

Hawthorn Berries

Trollius europaeus


Keynote: Fruition

Despair of attaining your heart’s desire; inability to receive from others or the universe; overly-identified with suffering, lack, poverty and unhappiness; sundered from deep nourishment at all levels of your being; sabotaging abundant and joyous opportunities; inability to conceive of your heart’s desires. 

Hawthorn Berries helps you know and receive what your heart desires. It is an essence of profound personal connection and recognition: it teaches you what is of true value and meaning to you, and both illuminates and takes you beyond any beliefs you may have about being unworthy to receive that which you truly need. 

This essence helps you to make room within yourself for the energy that allows your life to bear fruit: an energy of openness and curiosity. And it helps you to be open-hearted and open-armed when it comes to receiving it. It is useful for anyone who struggles in this area, perhaps finding it hard to recognise or hold on to abundance. The essence gently releases the internal resistance you may have to knowing your true worth by increasing your awareness and receptivity. It works to realign your internal energy system to allow the flow of abundance. 

As with the herbal remedy, Hawthorn Berries Essence strengthens the heart; however, the essence works particularly with the heart’s vital energy - its passion and its dreams. It strengthens your connection to these, and gives your dreams this inner heart-space in which to incubate and flourish. It encourages you to seek the nurture (in all senses of the word) that your heart truly needs in order to blossom. Life constantly offers you its gifts and grace; with Hawthorn Berries you learn to perceive and welcome these. You begin to let in life’s abundance, letting go of any expectation about the form that this should take and, instead, opening to the grace of what presents on all levels

At a deeper level, Hawthorn Berries invites you to be fully attuned to your deepest needs and to receive the life your heart desires, without harming or depleting the Earth and other people. 

Hawthorn Blossom

Crataegus monogyna


Keynote: Gifts and Blessings

Unhappy with your lot in life; wishing for more; disgruntled; believing that the ‘grass is greener’ somewhere else; not appreciating the gifts and blessings of your life as it is; failing to see, rejoice in and use the resources in front of you; yearning and hankering for what is not; restless and dissatisfied. 

Hawthorn Blossom Essence assists you in embracing What Is. It is an essence for seeing, within your life, the immense gifts your existence holds for you, and truly accepting your lot in life. Hawthorn Blossom provides a gentle catalyst for coming away from patterns of dissatisfaction and complaining, from feelings of lack or feelings of being ‘hard-done-to’. It helps you fully to embrace the here and now, rather than struggle against it. 

Hawthorn Blossom realigns your perspective and sharpens your insight, helping you to become mindful of how striving, yearning and expectation takes you out of the bounty of what is and has you looking only at what is not. It invites you to notice all that exists within and around you. Here, there is already the potential for everything to be as it should be, and all you actually need is in place. Gratitude and appreciation automatically places you at a much higher level of consciousness than a state of lack. At this level, you are empowered to realise the wonder that Life has placed before you; here you will find the fertile seeds of everything you wish to create. 

Hawthorn Blossom Essence helps you to truly count your blessings and experience the inherent harmony of the everyday by knowing the worth of what is, often, right under your nose. It helps you weave a cloth of gold from the gifts that you have in the present. At a deeper level, it assists you in letting go of the need for stimulus, instant gratification and the desires of a materialistic society. You become aware of the real, nourishing and readily available riches of Life: those which truly satisfy your soul. 

Herb Paris

Paris quadrifolia


Keynote: Structural Integrity

Illness, discomfort, dis-ease; energetic, structural and systemic imbalances; lack of harmony, balance and cohesion within your energy bodies or physicality, or between systems of the body and being; fragmentation and dissociation between mind, body and spirit. 

Herb Paris Essence supports symmetry and balance, cohesion and order; things being in their rightful place. The vivid green of its flowers indicates its ability to connect you with your healing life-force and power (green is often associated with healing and the vital force); the cosmic quality of the star - and its cumulative layers of sepals, stamens and styles - indicate the complex and systemic ability of the essence to touch the various levels of your subtle energy field and help balance and harmonise these.


Herb Paris works at a pre-physical level. It touches and realigns you with those layers of your subtle energy-anatomy pertaining to your structural blueprint - the balanced and harmonious precursor to your physical form. Maintaining the harmony and communication between this and your everyday experience of being ‘embodied’, Herb Paris enables you to live from your deeper structure and ultimate fluidity. It is an essence that invites you beyond your earthly sense of your body as it appears to present to you now, with all its flaws and limitations, calling you beyond your preoccupations with your body’s ‘problems’ or discomfort. Instead, it helps you understand how the energetic space you occupy is divinely imbued with divine order. Herb Paris Essence invites you to reach back to this luminous matrix within which you are anchored to the phenomenally intricate and ordered web of Life. 

On a practical level, Herb Paris is for use where there is illness and dysfunction, where the systems of your body are uneasy and uncoordinated, and where the overall structure of the body, as a living whole, needs support and cohesion. The essence helps you feel your way back to your true form, your pre-physical harmony, bringing this through at a cellular level to re-establish both harmony and integrity of structure. 

Linden Blossom

Tillia europaea


Keynote: Joyful Heart

Agitated and edgy; heavy-hearted and sombre; issues with work or family, money or society - ‘worldly’ issues; out of balance with the good things in life; overly serious; weary; forlorn; lacking in joy and spontaneity; heavy and dispirited; or agitated, hyper, scattered and unsettled. 

Linden Blossom Essence embodies an energy that is light, joyful and champagne-like. The beautiful scented flowers of the Lime Tree both hold and disperse at the same time: the solid, almost waxy feel of the flower’s body is strong and self-contained; the prolific antennae that softly stretch outwards from this lighten and disperse. As a result, the essence itself balances inner and outer, giving and receiving, airiness and solidness. It is an essence that gets to the heart of what it means to be intact in yourself and yet remain open to What Is. 

Linden Blossom stills and calms, centres and strengthens. I have often observed that people start to ‘quietly glow’ with an inner radiance when they take this essence - a connection that comes from being aligned with heart and spirit. 

The essence acts a tonic for the heart: it helps you rise up from low energy states where you may feel heavy-hearted, sombre, weary or dispirited, and where your sense of obligation - your commitments and duties - have taken over; and it helps to restore an even, buoyant energy when you are in a state of agitation and restlessness. Its effervescent energy recalls spontaneity, joy and appreciation. So much of the time, you burden your heart unnecessarily, putting it under huge stress, overwhelming it with troubles that exist only in your mind. Yet, your heart is the vessel through which you can transcend all troubles, opening and softening to life in peace and trust. Linden Blossom reminds you to dance in the moment. It helps you to feel in to your heart’s natural lightness and ease - and recover the gift of glad-heartedness. 

Lunar Standstill

Environmental essence

Screenshot 2021-03-14 at 15.59.00.png

Lunar Standstill helps you flow with your natural rhythms - be this within the circadian rhythm, the turning of the seasons, your sleep pattern, your menstrual cycle or your phase of life; and it helps you find a new rhythm when your old one has been disrupted

Your rhythm, your flow, and the harmony of your life, are all intricately linked. When this harmony and flow is disturbed through change, or when it has become heavy and stuck in a pattern that no longer serves you, you can feel profoundly affected. This essence helps restore you to your inner sense of how best you may move with these currents, supporting you when you are struggling to find your natural balance in a particular cycle or phase of your journey. 

Lunar Standstill invites you to step into the core of the rhythm you are feeling - into its momentum and flow - and connect deeply with your intuitive sense of how it naturally needs to move through you, and how you need to move with it. It is said that it is resistance to flow that causes suffering. This essence helps you go with the tides of change and the natural cycles of life, conscious of the depths shifting and a new cycle beginning. 

Keynote: Embracing Change

Struggling to accept and flow with change; unable to find your movement within it; feeling at the mercy of these tides; disconnected from your natural rhythms; menstrual and menopausal difficulties; fear of surrendering to the flow; feeling stuck in life and unable to move on, change or flow.