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Marsh Helleborine

Epipactis palustris


Keynote: Moving out into the World

Fear of moving out into the world; wishing to stay hidden and unknown; afraid to shine and to show your power and gifts to others; fear of being in the public eye; timidity; difficulty in returning to a group, community or society after time spent apart or alone; re-engaging with the world after a period of meditation or retreat. 

Marsh Helleborine Essence supports you being out into the world, especially after a time of retreat or convalescence. It helps foster trust in the possibility of a more expansive time after a period where life has been inward and contained. It reminds you that you can reach for others with your gifts and learning, that you can connect fruitfully with the people, organisations, experiences and situations you need, and that you can do all this lovingly and openly, embracing what you meet. 

The essence answers the part of you that is ready to journey beyond yourself and your current limitations. Marsh Helleborine assists you in stepping over the old boundary lines of your life, expanding to touch new horizons and explore new areas. It acts as a direct conduit to your inner guidance as you sense the possibility of becoming more than you have previously experienced yourself to be. 

The essence encapsulates a lovely, inquisitive energy with which to explore life. For people who are naturally shy, introverted or reclusive, or for those who have been experiencing a time away from the bustle of life and are now ready to return, it will help you to re-emerge in a way that feels safe. It supports you in showing your face to the world and coming out of ‘hiding’. You may find that you are ready to show more of your deeper self than you have previously revealed and are able to venture beyond the circumference of a previously known ‘smaller’ version of the world, adventuring into the unknown and into ‘greatness’. 

Marsh Marigold

Caltha palustris


Marsh Marigold recalls mental strength, clarity and balance. When you are over-using your mental faculties to the exclusion of other areas of your being, the essence can help you become aware of this imbalance. Studying, reading, critical and analytical thinking, and debating - when done to excess - can all lead to mental fatigue and burn-out. Marsh Marigold addresses the patterns of imbalance that lead to this, reconnecting you with your emotional, spiritual and physical needs so these are not over-ridden by this ‘head-strong’ aspect. 

The essence is also supportive when you feel clouded, doubt-ridden and unsure. You may feel unable to come to a clear sense of something, beset with anxious and unclear thoughts. It is as if, in such times, you cannot get the mind to provide an answer and yet continue to push and push, sure that the solution must lie there. Marsh Marigold reminds you to come into the balance of all realms - to have the mind sit within the support of heart, body and soul - and to let the answers come, bright, strong and clear, from all of these aspects working together. It helps you to let go of pushing the mind, and thereby pushing and punishing yourself.

The Marsh Marigold flowers, with their strong, golden-yellow light, are like beacons: they are bright, optimistic and confident. The essence invites you to come to this energy within your own mental sphere, rediscovering clarity, confidence and acuity

Keynote: Mental and Physical Balance

Living too much in the head; mental fatigue; struggling to come up with answers through rational thought processes; inability to access intuition because of mental turmoil and indecision; doubt and uncertainty; bodily weariness from excessive study; over-intellectualisation; tendency to neglect and devalue the body, emotions and spirit. 


Environmental essence


Keynote: Cosmic Harmony

Feeling conflicted and at odds with other people - in a specific relationship or more generally; unable to step beyond the discord that is distorting communication in a given relationship; seemingly addicted to drama and upset; attracting conflict and trouble. 

Moonlight Essence is one of the master essences in the range, in that it touches the psyche in deep and far-reaching ways. This is often the case with the environmental and astrological essences (see also Truth Essence, Ruby-in-the-Storm and Lunar Standstill). 

Moonlight Essence is for conflict resolution. Its energy feels silky, silvery, pure and harmonious. It helps to calm troubled waters, soothe ruffled feathers, and disperse the encroaching stresses and dramas of everyday life. And it teaches an invaluable lesson: how your perception changes your reality. As you see drama, so will you feed drama.


With the support of the essence, you become aware of how your thoughts about a situation - and any resulting actions and involvement stemming from that thought-process - can inflame or calm it. It reminds you that you can choose to follow inflammatory impulses or not. Its invitation is simple: when you can become aware of, and step back from, conflict, you begin to view things with greater wisdom and compassion. 

Moonlight Essence assists you in being more gentle and present in your relationships, especially those that feel troubled by endless strife. With greater tenderness and patience, you are able to consider a situation or a person with much more clarity. It is a heart-warming essence to work with, often evoking laughter and lightness of spirit; yet, it is potent enough to cope with the strongest of conflicted energies within and around you.


Botrychium lunaria 


Keynote: Unconscious

Recurring symptoms, circumstances or patterns in your life that cause you distress and that you cannot ‘solve’; inability to comprehend the depths of a situation;  swamped by images from the unconscious; lost in daydreams and fantasies; unhealthy obsession or outright rejection of otherworldly wisdom and possibilities; imbalance between right brain and left brain. 

Moonwort Essence helps you to dance with, immerse yourself in, sift through and recover the gifts of your unconscious processes. Through many channels, you can see signs of the workings of your unconscious - that aspect of you that is constantly filtering and sorting your experiences and insights, and making sense of what is happening. Your unconscious makes its presence known through symptoms, symbols, dreams and daydreams, cyclical life experiences, synchronicities, meditations, recurring thoughts and feelings, and through artistic and creative outpouring. All of these are signposts that offer you glimpses of the deeper processes of deconstruction and reconstruction that go on within, as you assimilate your life experiences and find your current bearings in the pattern of things. 

Moonwort helps this process to unfurl, becoming more transparent and easier to read. It enables you to go into the knots, whorls and vortexes of your consciousness, to see the swirling patterns, to get lost and return again, finding yourself once more. 

You can take it as follows: before sleep to aid understanding of your dreams; as part of an ongoing dialogue to recognise what the body’s symptoms are telling you; for shamanic journeying to assist you in more deeply entering your unconscious; at times of poor clarity when greater insight needs to be restored; during meditation, or to reconnect more deeply with your ability to sense the depths of your life. Moonwort Essence acts as a gentle guide for travelling the rarely-trodden paths of the unconscious and coming back safely, with new insights and illumination.

Northern Marsh Orchid

Dactylorhiza purpurella 


Keynote: Embolden

Feeling unable to stand up to opposition - internal or external; oppressed by others who appear stronger; derailed by resistant forces in the world at large; lacking clarity, confidence and purpose; falling prey to phantoms and fears in the mind that hamper you in moving forward. 

Northern Marsh Orchid is a rich and dynamic essence that supports boldness and determination in any area of your life. The deep purples and magentas that characterise the plant indicate its resonance with heart, brow and crown chakras. It is an essence that firmly keys you into the wisdom of these upper chakras and their ability to clarify and direct your way. 

Northern Marsh Orchid helps you to stay strong and vibrant in the face of negativity, bullying, aggression or disapproval from people around you, and to gain insight into why this is happening. These external energies can be potent enough to derail you, causing you to lose confidence and question yourself, your values and your dreams. Similarly, you can succumb to patterns of distraction within yourself that weaken you and dilute your efforts. All of these come back to the same cause: a need to connect more boldly and deeply with your core values, to re-group, strengthen, and move forward with greater determination. 

This essence invokes a warrior energy, reconnecting you with your inner potency so that you can better navigate difficulty and challenge. This is a potency born of deep alignment with your spiritual values. When you are on track, when you are being true to what you believe, you move forward with clarity and purpose - regardless of unpleasantness, coercion, manipulation and distraction externally, or internal habits of self-sabotage. Aligned to what you believe, you are naturally emboldened to realise your dreams and purpose. 

Furthermore, when one person deeply aligns to their purpose, such is their strength that they take other people with them. You bring inspiration and energy to others when you are deeply aligned with your values and your path. This essence helps you to cope with the potency and magnetism you have when aligned. It helps you wisely and skilfully navigate through any hidden fears and insecurities this may trigger in others. You dispel them like phantoms and - compassionately, assuredly - move on. 

One-Flowered Wintergreen

Moneses uniflora


Keynote: Good in All Things

Seeing only bleakness and suffering in life.; unable to comprehend Spirit and see Life’s gifts; divorced from Spiritual wisdom and love; looking for proof of Spirit in external circumstances rather than feeling the truth within yourself. 

One-Flowered Wintergreen invites you to reconnect with the potential and goodness inherent in all Life. It is an essence of spiritual illumination, gently reminding you of the grace in all things. The flower itself looks like an old-fashioned street lamp: a single stalk culminates in a delicate, white flower head that bends over, as if shining a light on the ground below. As an essence, it is as if the light of Spirit is illuminating your life, helping you to see everything with new eyes. You begin to see the beauty and the grace that surrounds you and is within you, where previously you were only seeing flaws. And you see, more clearly, those things that need your time and attention. It is a relief to acknowledge and accept your life - and yourself - so thoroughly, at last. 

One-Flowered Wintergreen helps you to know, and move beyond, the divisive nature of the mind - the tendency to think in simplistic terms of good and bad. Rather than arbitrarily judging and dissecting your life, presumptively labelling your experiences before they have been fully experienced and seen in all their rich facets, you find yourself able to pause and look again - and let the true nature of What Is unfold. The essence opens you to a spiritual perspective and helps you find your still-point within so that you can pause before you judge. Thoughts, emotions, experiences and people come and go for you; however, they do not need to impinge on your inner peace. 

This essence helps your consciousness to flower, your eyes to see the spiritual reality, and your focus to come clearly into the present. Its gift is in clarifying for you the beauty and goodness inherent in all things and helping you to find that place within where this knowledge is alive and well.

Pale Flax

Linum bienne

pale flax.jpg

Keynote: Grace and Delicacy

Feeling overwhelmed by emotions and situations; unable to assert and maintain clear boundaries in life; falling into the trap of victimhood as the default setting; giving in, giving way, giving up; failing to perceive clearly. 

Pale Flax essence helps when you are feeling too delicate to withstand life’s challenges. At such times, your connection with your Self feels weak, and you do not seem to be ‘enough’ to meet what is happening. Instead, you become acutely aware of your vulnerability and fragility. If the situation is long-term and deepening, you may even find yourself erring towards self-pity. Rather than feeling your own power rising to meet What Is from within, your attention is drawn outwards and becomes focussed on the external situation: now it appears to have power over you. In the extreme, this can result in you feeling beset by panic and despair. You may even become so consumed by your own needs that you forget the needs of others. Your perception of reality can become distorted and your power to affect change from the inside-out is diminished. You lose your innate poise and balance. Pale Flax is the key remedy for this state.

At a deeper level, this essence assists where a state of fragility has turned into high sensitivity and increased intolerance to the environment. In this state, allergies, phobias and conflicts with others may arise, all of which could be termed ‘flare-ups’. Becoming too sensitised, you start to react against your environment and the people around you, and are thus less resilient to disturbance and change.

Pale Flax helps you to recover the inner peace and quietude from which insight and answers can arise, fragility can be honoured without being indulged, and your own inner wisdom can be felt. 

Pink Purslane

Claytonia sibirica


Keynote: Physical Intimacy

Discomfort with your own sexuality or the sexual expression from a loved one; feeling disconnected from your sensual nature; loss of intimacy in long-term relationship; inhibition in showing gentleness when caring for others physically; blocked sensitivity in hands-on healers. 

Pink Purslane Essence has a light, buoyant dancing quality and an innately tender energy. It gently eases you into embracing and expressing your sensual nature and your sexuality in ways that are truly congruent, born from within your authentic self. It helps you experience your sensuality as the celebration of your own essence, and to lovingly meet the essence of your ‘significant other’ - your beloved - in your relationship with them.


Pink Purslane specifically helps to bring awareness to the potency of a long-term, intimate relationship, increasing your ability to meet the depths of this so that it becomes richer and more profound over time. The essence encourages you to open your senses to your lover, to sense the deeper needs of your mutual expression, to explore connection, movement and rhythm, and to find new levels of physical-emotional-spiritual conjoining. It supports a more easeful, joyful sexual and sensual connection. This is not about rarefied love or fleeting emotion - this is honest, ‘everyday’ loving expression which is nourishing and fulfilling.

Pink Purslane is also indicated if you feel resistant to your own sexuality or to being physically intimate with another person. The essence works lightly and joyfully to restore connection with this aspect of your physicality and your vital force. For people who have suffered sexual abuse or who wish to bring healing to their feelings around sexuality/their own body/union with another, the essence acts as a gentle and intuitive guide. It helps nurture feelings of confidence, tenderness and play, and encourages you to reach into this with your loved one. 

Pink Purslane Essence also comes up regularly for those who work with touch to help others. It increases sensitivity and awareness for hands-on healers, and it helps people in the caring professions who are involved with physical support for the elderly and infirm, or who work with animals: it gentles the touch, helping to prevent roughness and impatience, establishing compassion and sensitivity. 


Primula vulgariss


Keynote: Good Love

Relationships with others that feels invasive, inappropriate or even cruel; situations where two people are not able to ‘meet in the middle’; poor communication in relationships; neediness, dependency and neglect; inability to establish loving boundaries; inability to honour boundaries. 

Primrose Essence helps you to love with all the boundlessness of your being whilst respecting any boundaries that may exist in the external space of relating. It helps safe-guard you from inappropriate expressions of love from other people - from neglect through to intrusiveness, lack of care through to excessive intimacy - by enabling you to be more fully conscious of your own needs in the moment, your own boundaries, and any relationship dynamics that you may be inadvertently colluding with. Similarly, it helps you to accept the needs and boundaries of other people, comprehending their wishes and desires when they are at odds with your own, and coming to an inner acceptance of the place of balance between you. 

As such, Primrose Essence can feel deeply supportive in your relations with friends and loved ones, helping to heal conflict that may come from misunderstandings about the love that is being offered. The time, heart-space, energy and commitment available on each side does not always balance, and this can cause confusion, unhappiness, and loneliness, as well as a sense of being compromised. Primrose facilitates the acceptance of letting love be at the level it truly is, and it helps release the struggle and pain around this, bringing greater peace and acceptance. 

Primrose clears the path for love. It holds a very finely balanced energy that tunes the frequency of relating between people, clarifying the channel so that all hearts involved are able to communicate clearly and simply at the level that is comfortable for them. It will enable people to step in or step back, as appropriate, to give the relationship a harmonious space in which to thrive at the level that is a true representation for all concerned. It can support change in the entire relationship’s dynamic, even when only one of the people involved is taking it.

Pyramid Orchid

Anacamptis pyramidalis


Keynote: Having Faith

Feeling stuck in internal thoughts about your own inadequacies; unable or unwilling to step up and be your true Self; lacking the courage and determination to offer yourself in full service to God and humanity; cynicism around spirituality; feeling deserted by God and man. 

Pyramid Orchid Essence represents a dynamic call from the angels to stand up and be All You Can Be. You are invited not merely to think about living your inner purity, light and grace, but to get on and be it! Each of us has our part to play in the dance of life; each of us has our own light to shine; each of us has a heart which seeks to join with others in the betterment of all. Too often, our doubts about this and about our own worth prove a severe handicap. We do not reach for all we can be because we do not dare to believe it, and thus the world at large loses out. Pyramid Orchid personally shows you how this self-denial impoverishes everyone when you do not shine as the bright and joyful beacon you are here to Be. 

At a deeper level, Pyramid Orchid reaches to the very core of doubts about the Divine realms and God. Nearly everyone, at some point, fears they have not been ‘heard’ or ‘helped’ by God. This can lead to feelings of abandonment, resentment and distrust. This essence goes behind such fears. It helps to remind you of the pure connection that is always there for you: a living connection within your being that guides, nurtures and tends you when you feel for and trust in its grace. 

The support of the angelic realms can seem to flee from you in the face of your anger and your pain. Stay with the ‘still small voice within’, make room for grace and gentleness, soften the heart, have the courage to trust – and that connection only grows stronger. You are empowered to be your most potent loving Self, to express the gift of this in every moment and to radiate the love at your centre. 

Pyramid Orchid brings a call to action. It reminds you that Now is the time. Electric, vibrant and scintillating with energy, it is a dynamic summons from the angels: the time has come to shine.