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Ring of Brodgar

Environmental essence


Keynote: Sacred Ceremony

Scattered, unfocussed energy; lack of boundaries and protection; absence of sacred ceremony and intent around the important things in one’s life; lack of awareness of the resource of the earth’s energy and wisdom. 

Stone circles are places of power, energy, celebration, community and containment. They are an age-old testimony to the need to connect deeply with the forces around us - to become part of them, matching grandeur with grandeur - massive standing stones of hewn rock placed in the teeth of the elements, in a perfect circle, aligned with the stars.

Circles within circles, they evoke the wheel of life, mandalas, chakra wheels and that which never ends or begins. They act as a container for energy, both keeping in and keeping out. The Ring of Brodgar, far to the north of Britain on the island of Orkney, set on a strip of land almost surrounded by water, is a most beautiful example of this: at once elemental, pagan and wild, and yet deeply peaceful and protective. 

The Ring of Brodgar Environmental Essence brings you energetic focus and power, helping both to charge and protect your energy. Stone circles reflect humankind’s deep-rooted sense of the sacredness of Life, and our wish to co-create with and celebrate this in ceremony. They invite us to step into the strange, mystical and wondrous interaction that exists between Nature, Spirit and Humanity. As we do so, we enter a profound communion with Life. 

Ring of Brodgar Essence supports you when you find yourself going through rites of passage, or when you are experiencing something that needs to be marked with ceremony and awareness. The essence helps direct the energy, depth, solemnity, and celebration of such times, allowing you to be infused with its power. It also assists in creating and holding a sacred space, imbuing it with the mystical energy, peace and gentleness of this far northern stone circle: as such, it is useful for therapists to spray around the room before or after sessions. Finally, it is an essence to recharge, bring cohesion to, ground and protect one’s energy at any time where this is needed. 


Environmental essence 


Keynote: Strength of Heart

Feeling your heart is too frail to bear the circumstances you are in; feeling caught in a storm - externally or internally; being without an inner anchor; feeling out of control of events happening around you; feeling that your heart is under pressure or stress; intense emotional turmoil.

Ruby-in-the-Storm is an essence that deeply facilitates strength and grounding during times of change. The essence helps to stabilise the heart-energy amidst profound turmoil, and keep you centred in this loving space within. Everything else may shift - the winds of change may whistle through your heart and through all that you are - but the heart remains steady. It is like having within you a sturdy, sea-worthy vessel with which to ride out a turbulent storm. 

Ruby-in-the-Storm is for times when you are experiencing the most profound changes in your life and where nothing seems familiar to you anymore. It is as if you are standing in your own world but feel incomprehensibly alien within it. Nothing that you knew now feels certain, and there is nothing external that you can grasp hold of. 

The essence helps you hold to an inner strength: the stillness at the centre of all motion, of all life; the eye of calm in the middle of the storm. It enables you to shift away from reacting unthinkingly from fear, so that you are not feeling blown at will by every gust that comes your way. Instead, you find yourself able to respond firmly and clearly, finding your way through, holding to that which you know and which supports and sustains you. In this way, in the most challenging times when your spiritual values are being held to account, you can move into a place of higher action and peace. The old ways of being that would otherwise hold you back can be deeply released from your heart.

Ruby-in-the-Storm is indicated at those times when you are in life’s alchemical fires. It becomes possible to navigate, bear and transmute such times when you remain profoundly seated in your heart.


Sanicula europaeas

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 20.33.20.png

Sanicle Essence helps to unlock aspects of the unconscious – in this case your connection with realms beyond the everyday. It is an essence of fairies, celestial guidance, devas and other light beings that populate the different realms of this world, yet who are able to emerge and connect through the fabric of ours. 

Sanicle helps you open to elemental forces and celestial beings safely. Through them, you can receive guidance that comes from the Light and that supports your soul’s growth, your spirit’s vision and your own evolution. It is an essence to support the Healer, the Shaman, and the Visionary. With the guidance of this essence, you are more able to walk the betwixt and between, more able to commune with Nature. You set the Self free from an all-too-human way of seeing life and allow life to show you its vivid depths. 

At all times, contact with the other worlds must be grounded through your connection to this one; therefore, to use this essence every day, when you are already a little otherworldly yourself, would be to push yourself too far. Be mindful of how you use it and keep a grounded connection with the day-to-day reality of ordinary life. That said, this essence frees you to walk the pathways of your imagination and see where intuition and reality meet

Keynote: Celestial Help

Closed to the ‘nature realms’; closed to angelic support; feeling without help, guidance and hope; feeling cut off from your knowing; alienated from Nature; unable to rest in Nature, read the signs and communicate with Nature; wishing to connect more with the realms of the fey. 

Scots Pine Combination

Pinus sylvestris


Keynote: Settling In

Lost and afraid; disconnected from internal compass and sense of where and why; not fully owning all that you are; auric field is weak, scattered or penetrable; feeling unsettled; unable to ‘be at home’ in yourself or your world; feeling ill-equipped to deal with the times you are living in.

Scots Pine Essence evokes deep grounding, steadfastness, security and a sense of coming home. The energy of the ancient pines of Scotland is solid and deeply reassuring. They help us to settle, stabilise and stand firm. The combination contains essences from the ancient Caledonian forests of the Cairngorms (including Scots Pine Sentinel, Grandmother Pine and Grandfather Pine from the original LightBringer set). 

Scots Pine Essence connects you with your roots, your path, your ancestors and the earth. It helps you settle into your body and life, accepting What Is, and finding the resources to meet this. Life will always involve challenges that will test you. You will sometimes feel that you have only just recovered from one before the next emerges. You can see, then, that Life requires of you a certain adaptability, a resilience and buoyancy, a native strength and curiosity that can see you through such challenges. Scots Pine Combinations helps you to know who you are at the deepest level, putting down roots that claim your space and your right to be, keeping you strong and upright when you are in danger of being toppled. 

With this essence, you also claim the right to regenerate areas of your personal and familial history, your psyche or your energy-system that you do not fully own or inhabit. These may be aspects of your energetic presence and your personal authority: you may not be fully inhabiting your own space. When you do not do this, other energies that are not yours will take up residence and displace or weaken you. The essence guides you into these areas of your being, filling you with the strength and compassion to reclaim them.

As you feel for and own this inner grounding and rootedness, you also find your external grounding. You become clearer about where your path lies. You connect to your internal compass and find you can better sense your most authentic way through the forest. In turn, this level of authenticity leads to your aura being strong and potent. Firmly rooted, feet on your true path, your whole energy field is impacted by and strengthened by this. 

Scots Primrose

Primula scotica


Keynote: Jewel of the Heart

Reaching for greater depths in your heart; breaking through old patterns that restrict your ability to love; meeting those experiences that deeply affect the heart and call for a new level of response; inability to forgive, feel compassion, trust, love.

The exquisite flower-head of the Scots Primrose consists of tiny heart-shaped petals of rich magenta, clustered around a golden centre. This is the ‘heart support’ essence: it helps you reach for the deep treasures of your heart, connecting with qualities of love, compassion, tolerance, acceptance and forgiveness. It also assists you in engaging more intimately with yourself and others, connecting heart to heart openly and with joy. 

Scots Primrose Essence calls forth the beauty of your heart’s energy and of its phenomenal capacity for love. Your heart is your greatest treasure: a constant presence that connects you with your most enduring and humane qualities. Intimacy, the ability to forgive another, acceptance, unconditional love, passion, tenderness, humour, compassion, integrity, faithfulness, and the ‘determination to live and respond as a peaceful being’ - these are all gifts the heart offers, seeds of potential that lie within you. 

Scots Primrose helps you to recognise and rely on the wisdom of these qualities within yourself. It reminds you of the radiance of your heart’s energy, its jewel-like glow and warmth, its depth and beauty. And it invites you to put this radiance at the centre of your being and your life. 

This is an essence that is particularly suited to long-term use as it gently opens and brings light to more and more of your heart, strengthening communication and communion, revealing ever-deeper layers of the beauty therein. 


Prunella vulgaris 


Keynote: Self-nurture

Inability to love, nurture and care for yourself; ignoring warning signs from your body; pushing beyond your limits; lack of self-care, self-knowledge and bodily connection; unhealthy patterns and habits; unwillingness to take the steps to healing.

Self-Heal Essence helps you hear and heed the call of your body to heal, and respond to this. The essence invites you to stop, soften and surrender, becoming aware of how your body really feels at this time and what it is really capable of, rather than pushing it from the level at which you think it should be. Self-Heal enables you to recognise with greater clarity your healing needs and change any potentially damaging trajectory you may be on in life, correcting your course to one that is more nurturing.


Your wellbeing is intimately linked with your ability to read and understand the communications of your body through your feelings and physical symptoms. The more you are sensible of and connected with this inner feedback, the more you are able to understand and heed flow, and thus create a life that embodies harmony. 

Self-Heal helps you to fall in love with the vital process of self-care. This is not the hypochondriac’s obsession with bodily symptoms, but a mindful inner process where you respect the message of your own body when it is telling you that you are coming out of balance, and where you heed its call to return to harmony. As you gain this self-knowledge, you can begin to live in a way that truly nourishes and nurtures – a prerequisite for any real healing. Learning to flow with your health, rather than against it, makes life sweeter and more enjoyable. It is a relief to let go of the rod with which you have been beating yourself. 

In knowing yourself deeply, you are better able to understand and bring support to the healing needs of others. This is reflected in the other common name for this plant: ‘All Heal’. Healing oneself inevitably leads to the healing of others. And at a deeper level, by your very vibration of wholeness, you subliminally touch the fabric of all life with your mindfulness and vitality: your presence becomes a balm. 


Environmental essence


Serenity Essence nurtures an internal space for meditation, mindfulness and increased awareness. It assists you in moving from one level of consciousness to another, releasing any resistance you may have so that you may move gently and fluidly into greater clarity. It is a profoundly supportive essence for spiritual practice, helping you let go of need, desires and lack of focus, and enjoy the serenity of Being

Serenity is helpful where you are experiencing suffering and turmoil that stems from undue attachment to a way of being, a person, a set of circumstances, an ideal or a dream. The hushed and peaceful environment in which this essence was made – the bowl was placed, on the shoreline overnight, beside the tranquil waters that lie between the islands of Mull and Iona in Scotland – acts like a spiritual balm. Serenity assists you in bringing awareness and wisdom to those processes of the mind that can undermine and sabotage you, causing you to distort what is beautiful, simple and natural within yourself. It helps gently to untangle all-engrossing knots of thinking, releasing you from patterns of clinging desperately to that which is external to you. When your focus is outwith yourself, you are not Present. 

The essence invites you to rest in the knowledge that you reside in a world of grace and miracles, and to trust to its unfolding, aware and open, discerning your way through.

Keynote: Mindfulness

Difficulty coping with life when new ways of seeing, responding and understanding are required; struggling to reach a higher level of consciousness; feeling that you keep slipping back; mental chatter; difficulty meditating; mental confusion and disarray; clouded mind; struggling to access inner clarity, peace and awareness. 

Spring Squill

Scilla verna


Keynote: Childhood Illnesses

Children suffering from nightmares and fears; coming out of and healing trauma from childhood; inability to connect with child-like joy and innocence; loss of connection with childhood dreams and truths. 

Spring Squill Essence preserves, restores and nurtures the innocence and joy of childhood. It can be used equally well for children and adults. As an essence, Spring Squill helps you to ‘catch your star’, keeping your dreams and sense of destiny clear and intact. Your life-dreams begin in childhood. It is important that these are nurtured, encouraged and developed at an early age, thereby giving you an inner magic carpet on which to fly as you go through life. 

The essence can be used at key stages in a child’s life when they, or their guardians, face difficult and life-changing decisions. It will help them remain connected with the inner self that guides them and with the joy they have within. As an adult, it helps you to recover your early dreams: catching the kernel of deep truths therein that may still be relevant to you now, feeling again the innocence and delight that permeates them.

At a deeper level, Spring Squill helps resolve trauma from childhood. Where a child has been abused or experienced deep pain, where life has literally been a ‘bad dream’, it helps cleanse and restore childhood truth and innocence, energetically wiping the slate clean. Such experiences can often cause a child to seem older than they are, and to be more serious, cautious and guarded. They can also lead to difficulty sleeping or night-terrors. The essence, along with appropriate action and love, helps restore a child’s sense of magic, trust, curiosity, play and joy. It invites them to come back to the spirit of childhood, with the incredible gifts and healing it offers. 

In a similar way, for adults who have missed out on their childhood, for whatever reason, Spring Squill offers healing and solace to the child within. It reminds you of the stars in the night sky, inviting you to wish upon them and follow where their guidance leads. 


Armeria maritime


Keynote: Safe and Sound

Feeling unsafe and vulnerable; feelings of instability and isolation; not being at home within oneself or one’s community; lack of support and tenderness from loved ones or your family unit; weathering rough storms alone and unaided; feeling self-pitying or victim-like; lacking courage to create and grow. 

Thrift Essence is a key essence for children and for your inner child. It helps you know that you are safe, supported and cared for at the deepest level, and that you can relax into and enjoy this wonderful world. Thrift helps engender feelings of safety and love, and enables you to feel at home within. 

This essence supports in several key ways: it helps you to grow firm roots when you feel weak and vulnerable; it helps you co-create or find a community that is mutually supportive and nurturing; and it helps you evolve from this deeply-rooted environment, going out into the world to create your own unique vision of beauty, which enhances and gives back to the larger Earth community. 

The essence supports interdependent relationships that are loving, giving, and well-balanced. These are not co-dependent relationships that are based on weakness and power games. Instead, this is the give and take of mutual relationships: concordant, communicative, loving and responsive. 

Thrift also helps in creating strong family bonds, especially between parent and child, from conception onwards. It is indicated for the tender and insightful relationship needed between carer and invalid, or in any situation where there is someone weaker or more fragile within the relationship. And it enables a person who has been left vulnerable after shock and trauma to feel safe and grounded again. 

Thrift earths and stabilises, but with such a sense of play and friendliness: there is nothing heavy about this essence. It embodies the simple joy of loving mutual care. 

Thyme-Leaf Moss

Rhizomnium punctatum

Moss 1.jpg

Keynote: Regenerate

Blocked awareness of your body; unaware of your needs; tendency to suppress and get rid of symptoms or to tolerate pain and illness as ‘your lot in life’; lack of perception regarding your own process; misunderstanding symptoms, not seeing them as a call back to balance; feeling ready to take responsibility for your wellbeing. 

When you are deeply rooted in your body, you are at your safest: connected to your whole Self, your wise Self. This is easy to sense and feel: when you feel ungrounded and insecure, you are less able to function well or respond appropriately to everyday challenges, your wisdom is less accessible and your intuition less trustworthy. A grounded person is healthier, happier and their life is more ‘together’. Deep-rootedness and body consciousness also offers another gift: the more securely anchored you are, the more you can safely expand spiritually. Or to put this another way: the higher you seek to reach spiritually, the stronger your roots must be. 

Your body, and your inner essence housed therein, work together in one harmonious loop that gives you feedback at all times: physical feedback about your safety, comfort and wellbeing; emotional and energetic feedback about the external circumstances and the internal impact of these; mental clarity and inner knowing regarding how best to proceed; and spiritual insight into the deep gifts available to you in any given situation. How well you listen to this and respond determines your wellbeing and your happiness. Thyme-Leaf Moss reminds you to listen within and take heed. The stronger your ability to do this, the greater is your spiritual or inner journey, and this is readily reflected in your outer journey in the world. 

Thyme-Leaf Moss Essence is indicated where there is a real fear of embodiment. (See also Thrift, where embodiment relates to feeling unsafe in your family or community.) This shows up as a profound blind spot regarding the link between your own wellbeing and your inner knowing. Coming back to your body, re-learning its language and its song, trusting again to the impeccable wisdom of its responsiveness, you take the path of regeneration and increased peace - and wellbeing naturally follows. To learn to follow the deep wisdom of the body is to learn a living balance. 

Truth Essence

Environmental essence

lightning image.jpg

Keynote: Embracing Truth

Not seeing the truth about a certain area of your life; being blind to what is right in front of you - and within you - for ‘good’ or ‘bad’; struggling to speak the truth and stay centred in it; compromising your truth to please others; caught up in drama and illusion; failing to stay true to Divine Reality.

Truth Essence is for living from an impeccable connection with your Truth. This is a deeply grounded state of clarity and determination: a place of power and unwavering certainty. The essence supports you in speaking your Truth, even in the most difficult circumstances

The essence has two aspects: the deep peaceful energy of strong, old trees in the moonlight and the potent energy of a storm. Taking this essence, most people will experience one of these in particular. Where you are already in your truth, the energy of the essence tends to work very gently to galvanise this, whilst also helping you to get increasingly grounded and centred. You will find it much easier to speak your Truth to others. Where you feel disconnected from your truth, the lightning bolt energy in this essence comes into its own, bringing you the dynamism and urgency to reclaim this. It emboldens and strengthens you, clarifying your internal energetic highways so that you no longer feel muddled or uncertain.

Your truth is your power. As you stay in your truth, you more deeply harness your connection with Self, Soul and Spirit. You are strong in this space. When you do not speak true - which is surprisingly easy to do (watch yourself throughout the day and see) - you weaken yourself and your soul’s integrity. You literally become less integrated. Speaking your truth strengthens the aura and naturally strengthens your entire physical body, including your immune system. This can be felt within yourself: your conscience is uneasy when you are not fully true to yourself, and you begin to feel this unease infiltrating and disturbing you. Unease is the precursor to dis-ease.

What is Truth? It is the knowing that you are Divinity, that all around you is Divinity and that all that comes to you is Love. This is the ultimate reality. Returning to this truth sets you free and liberates you from suffering. 


Linnaea borealis


Keynote: Sensing Needs

Poor communication within a close relationship; inability to listen properly to another or feeling unheard by them; difficulty in expressing yourself or understanding another; feeling disconnected from subtle, deep transmissions with your loved ones - the unspoken dialogue that exists in all close relationships. 

Twinflower Essence supports loving communion from your heart with your beloved. The energy of ‘we two are one’ is written clearly in the plant’s form: a single stalk divides into two flowers. The essence teaches of the intuition, clarity and sensitivity needed to dance this dance with another, as you both balance the needs of self with the needs of the two. It is appropriate for any partnership of two, but especially your relationship with your life-partner or beloved. 

Twinflower helps you understand how your moods, movements and language, and your unconscious fears, desires and needs all show up in your communication. Through the inner guidance of the essence, you begin to understand that what you say is not limited to your words, but has depth far beyond this. You begin to comprehend more deeply the ‘shape’ of your own and your beloved’s communication at any given time, as you learn to heed the whole picture. The power of your own intention – the current that runs behind your words and actions – is strong; learning to align intention with what you say and how you say it is crucial. Staying connected with a loving intention fosters sensitive and rich communion at the deepest level. 

Twinflower’s tiny pink trumpet flowers are emblematic of its gift as an essence: the trumpets indicate communication and listening; the soft pink symbolises the energy of love and the heart. It points to a two-way process stemming from a single source: love. Twinflower essence helps you reach within for a holistic understanding from which to speak your own harmony and congruence and meet it in your beloved.