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Venus Essence

Flower/Astrological essence 

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Keynote: Divine Feminine

Unable to connect with your feminine nature; divorced from the feminine; sterile female energies - inability to nurture yourself and others; struggling to move with life’s rhythms of creating and dissolving, surrendering and release, embracing and accepting; overly Yang energies in women or men; lack of connection with the Divine Feminine/the Goddess within. 

Venus Essence assists with unifying the male and female energies within you, with particular emphasis on bringing the feminine energy fully into power where this has been over-ridden by the energy of maleness.

This is an essence that speaks of the sacredness of love and the heart, and of the power of these to bring beauty, grace and healing to your lives. Venus Essence invites you to commune anew with the heart of life in a way that acknowledges fully its sacred nature and your own. It teaches you to listen more deeply - beyond the physical, material, rational, doctrinal - to that which is pervasive, encompassing, embracing, and mystical within all life: the energy of Mother Earth, the Divine Feminine. This is an energy that has, throughout the world, symbolised the forces of life and death, of surrender and rebirth, of instinct and intuition, of deep knowing of the pattern of things and the reading of these patterns.

For women, this essence deeply connects you to your innate feminine power, returning to the fore qualities of empathy, mothering, birthing, bringing forth, letting go, intuiting, knowing, sensuality and the weaving of love. It helps you to reconnect with your feminine ancestry and heritage. For men, it particularly helps you open to the sensual and sensitive aspects of the Venus energy within yourself and from others. Venus Essence works to restore balance and bring healing where this energy has been misrepresented or stifled in a person’s life, enabling you to connect to the feminine safely and with wonderment, feeling this power within you to heal yourself, your life and others.

Vernal Equinox

Gem/Environmental essence

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Keynote: Sacral Balance

Sexual energy out of balance - too much or too little; inability to access sexual energy in a loving and healthy way; poor vitality; possible issues with abundance, wealth, parenting and creativity. 

This essence was made at the Spring Equinox, on a brilliantly clear day just as the sun rose. Snow still lay on the surrounding mountains and the sky above was blue. The air felt piercingly clean and vibrant.

Vernal Equinox Essence supports the awakening of dormant creative, procreative and sexual energies, and facilitates the regeneration of the sacral chakra. The essence is about flow and clarity. It helps you connect with latent seeds of life, creativity and expression within you, helping you to bring them forth: there is power and creation within you that must be expressed. Vernal Equinox Essence supports and encourages your connection to this, and enhances your ability to stand within the living force of this and respond. As an essence, it is an instigator or catalyst: it helps to ease out energetic blocks and supports the emergence of new ideas, new projects and new beginnings.

Vernal Equinox is useful where there has been a shutting down of the energy centre of the sacral chakra, or where it has never fully opened. It encourages the energy here to flow and to flower. The essence is safe and supportive, and it is suitable for use even where you may have developed a fear of your sacral power. Your sexuality, your procreativity, your creativity and your need for physical intimacy all spring from this chakra. It is the seat of your vital energy, and this needs to flow in order for you to experience full health. The essence is of use wherever there are recurrent problems in the sacral area and where there is resistance to sexual/creative/abundant expression and blossoming.

Viper's Bugloss

Echium vulgare


Keynote: Sacred Discourse

Overly critical of self and others; language is damaging - hard, judgmental, negating and even cruel; tendency to control others through your words; struggling to use words wisely and well; putting yourself or others down; seeking a more loving discourse. 

Viper’s Bugloss shows you that the power of speech is one of your greatest gifts. It is the power to articulate, to inspire others, to move out of separateness into communion, to soothe, amuse, inform, tell stories, to love and to wax lyrical.

Viper’s Bugloss Essence reawakens your awareness of the words you use and their full weight and impact. It helps you with the spoken word, particularly where your ability to communicate with others with awareness, courtesy and ease is at a low level, and your speech has become negative or critical. Words can be ‘swords’ that can harshly pierce the defences of another, deceive them and, indeed, control and manipulate them. This includes the words that make up your internal thoughts - for these can damage and control you, negating the beauty of who you are. Viper’s Bugloss invites you to seek a better way to use words: a way that is more insightful and aware, that acknowledges their ripple-effect, and that is more truly aligned with your higher intent.

Words are a fundamental tool in creating the world you live in - your own immediate environment. They profoundly reflect who you are, what you put out, what your intentions and motivations are, and how you relate to others. This essence helps you when the message you are putting across is not what you truly wish to create. It helps eschew the sharp barbs of defensive or clumsy communication, enabling you to find a gentler, softer way: a way that does not shut others out and that allows you to be truthful and articulate about who you really are.

Wasp Orchid

Ophrys apifera


Keynote: Refined and Clear

Uncomfortable with the level of skill and knowledge you have; hiding your mastery and artistry from others; doubting your own skill; reluctant to excel; keeping your skill to yourself, jealously guarding what you know; lacking the discipline and dedication needed to accomplish your dreams. 

The Wasp Orchid comes from the same orchid family as Bee Orchid and the essence has a similar area of influence. It is for attaining mastery in your life, work and spirituality. Wasp Orchid takes these three aspects of Self and integrates and heightens the energy of all three, polishing you until you gleam! Where Bee Orchid assists you in finding and manifesting your life’s work, with Wasp Orchid you are now established in your field but wish to take it to the level of true artistry. You are working towards becoming highly skilled and highly evolved so that you can pass this on to those who come after. You may even be ready and willing to ensure that you leave a legacy of excellence.

When I first took this essence, I felt as if I was in the hands of a Divine sculptor. lt was as if I was being re-shaped: my ‘inner form’ and sense of self became more distinct. Through the energy of this essence, you may find that your rough edges are removed, the tendency to get easily distracted eases away, and you naturally correct any inconsistencies, ineffectiveness and immaturity in your actions and behaviour. It helps you clarify, and rise up to meet, your values and needs. 

With Wasp Orchid, you are ready to stand fully in your power: it is time to come out of hiding and to leave procrastination behind. The focus is not on what you can or cannot do. Now, you have reached a level where you can do, and you are prepared to polish this skill to the utmost to see how far you can take it. You are also aware of the value of the skillset you have already attained and are, in turn, conscious of the need to share this power and skill with other people.


In the hands of the Master Architect, Spirit, you allow yourself to be turned into a more finely honed and refined version of Self, and to bring out - or inspire - these qualities in those around you. 

Water Mint

Mentha aquatica 


Keynote: Relieving Inner Tension

Miserable, tense, controlling; seeking to make everything right for everyone; feeling responsible for everyone and everything; forgetting to receive Divine support; forgetting one’s own loving nature and that of other people; losing sight of spiritual truths. 

Water Mint Essence invites you to let go of tension within your heart and mind. The path of Spirit does not create tension. Instead, you only feel contracted and defensive when you are lost in thought and have forgotten your loving nature: it as if you are tied in knots inside. Seeking to control and command your life obstructs its flow: you put yourself in the way of the Divine but do not follow the Divine way. When you soften - gentling yourself to truly Be - a profound sense of ease and wellbeing returns. The knots unravel.

Trust, patience and tranquillity are the hallmarks of a person who has let go of their need to control life, mete out justice, fix people, manipulate situations and/or save the day. And yet, in their very calmness, this is often the effect they naturally have: things effortlessly fall into alignment around them. How is this possible? Such power to align with life comes from your connection with your deep Self, your inner nature. The spiritual path is one of living from a place of full acceptance, quiet presence and complete trust. From here, life’s harmony and ease effortlessly reveals itself.

Water Mint reminds you of this easeful state: it is your birthright. You truly let go of tension - emotional, mental and physical - when you open to Trust in the depth of your being. And there is no limit to how deep and far you can go with this. You can access this state right at the very borders where your physical-metaphysical selves meet: as you release tension and defensiveness physically, so do you expand and relax in your psyche; as you question and release fearful beliefs in the mental sphere, so do you expand throughout your entire being. Trusting that the Divine is here, present and loving, opening to this and dissolving all internal barriers, you are able to see and trust All Life. Life is no longer a source of tension, but the infinite space within which Divinity meets Divinity, Self meets Self, and Love meets Love.

White Bluebell

Hyacinthoides non-scriptus


Keynote: Purifying Love

Seeking to love in ways that are cleaner, purer and more expansive; wishing to move beyond a limited, conditional expression of love; seeking to purify your heart; wishing to bring the heart’s true healing to deep rifts or challenging relationships that nothing else can touch.

White Bluebell Essence takes the theme of Bluebell Essence - trust in love - and raises it higher. The vibration of the white bluebell is pure and gentle and, as an essence, it purifies your experience and expression of love, raising it to a more spiritual level. 

We all know how inspiring and beautiful it feels to have spiritual beliefs and values, but it can be difficult to apply these in the real day-to-day challenges of our human relationships. How do you have compassion for someone who is harming, challenging or disrespecting you? How can you navigate your needs when they appear to go against another person’s needs, without denying theirs or yours? How can you maintain a high spiritual connection with others when you feel tired, rundown or overwhelmed? These are areas we can all find difficult to navigate.

White Bluebell Essence calls you back to a very simple and pure connection with your spiritual truth. It reminds you that everything that shows up externally offers you a reflection of your own internal wholeness. The famous Course in Miracles expands on this: ‘You give but to yourself”. In other words, you are always and only ever meeting your own Self in life because you are Everything That Is. This profound truth means that the external reality of your life is something you can perennially soften to, accept and embrace. Owning external circumstances as your wholeness coming back to meet you means that circumstances and people no longer feel alien and potentially harmful. Instead, it is simply life meeting life, Self meeting Self. 

Your trust, courage and openness transform your life experience. When you lose your resistance, the ‘edginess’ of external challenges immediately become softer: something you can find your way into and through. This spiritual understanding opens you to the possibility that you can unlock and love every aspect of your life. 

White Bluebell calls you to soften to, breathe into and reclaim your external circumstances and your relationships - not as something other, but as aspects of Self that are purified by your loving attention. To bring our spiritual insight and love to bear on our lives is surely our greatest gift as conscious beings.

Yellow Wort

Blackstonia perfoliata


Keynote: Clear Thinking

Obsessive, cyclical thought-patterns; negative thinking; cannot think straight; emotional turmoil; repetitive events/loops in your life you cannot get free of; caught on a treadmill - internally or externally 

Yellow Wort Essence helps you break free from the perpetual loop of obsessive thinking and the repetition of negative experiences to which this leads. This can occur when something is challenging or worrying you: a knotty issue arises and you struggle to shift your thoughts away from it. Despite your best efforts, you keep chewing it over in your head, caught in the emotions this engenders. The essence invites you back to a space where the mind is relaxed, easeful and open to intuitive insights again.

There is an almost gravitational pull when negative thinking takes over. Caught in its vortex, you are sucked into a lower level of consciousness. However, you can only succumb to this pull when you are not present. Eckhart Tolle speaks of the need for a kind of ferocious presence in those moments when you are in danger of lapsing into unconscious programming: you become acutely aware of everything that is happening so that you can respond from your wisdom. A negative or low-consciousness mind state is usually characterised by a stream of internal judgments about ourselves, other people and/or your circumstances. It is frighteningly easy to be in thrall to this. Staying in the loop, you perpetuate it: emotional reactivity overwhelms clear-seeing.

At a deeper level, this essence helps penetrate and release cyclical events that keep playing out in your life. This is an indication that you have not yet ‘unlocked’ and healed these, so they keep repeating.

The fundamental gift of Yellow Wort Essence is to restore bright clarity and joy. The flower shimmers with sunlight, brims with confidence and is full of optimism. Its clean, flowing, light energy invites you back to presence, shifting you out of the ‘Groundhog Day’ feeling of being stuck in the same loop - in your mind or in your life. As you harmonise your thoughts to the deep tranquillity of a mind at rest, you will find knotty issues falling away and compulsive thought-patterns dissolving. Your consciousness rises, and you access flow again.