The Practitioner Account is open to professionally qualified practitioners and student practitioners from all health modalities. It enables you to buy LightBringer Essence products at a discounted rate of 15% - 20%, depending on the size of your order.


You will also automatically receive our newsletter to learn more about how to use the LightBringer Essences most effectively in your work with your clients; and you will receive information of special offers, courses and workshops, and new products.
Email us to apply for your practitioner account. Once we have verified your details and are happy with your practitioner / student-practitioner status we will activate your Practitioner Account for you.

If you wish to sell LightBringer Essence direct to your clients from your practice, you may be eligible for an AMBASSADOR ACCOUNT. Scroll down to find out more. 


Orders up to £60 (at retail price) are eligible for a discount of 15%.

Orders over £60 (at retail price) are eligible for a discount of 20%.

Once your account is activated, you will be given a code which you can use in the Essence Shop. You will need to enter this each time you place an order as discounts cannot be applied retrospectively.

A minimum order of £30 in purchases over any 6 month period is required for you to keep your Practitioner Account. 


For full details, please download the PDF and ensure that you are happy to proceed before getting in touch.
Included in the discounted services are all LightBringer Essences and Books. Consultation services or workshops offered through LightBringer Essences do not carry practitioner discounts.


The Ambassador Account is between a Practitioner Account and a Wholesale Account. This is suitable for practitioners or practice managers who wish to stock some LightBringer Essence products, without committing to large quantities, and who have a regular turnover and need to receive fresh stock within a few days of ordering. 

The Combination Essence Mists and Drops are a good starting point for selling direct to clients and ensure that they have some essences they can turn to in the acute in between sessions with you or use in their home with their family. 


For full details, download the PDF.


To apply for an account, please get in touch by email.

Our monthly newsletter contains special offers, information on how to use the essences and details of workshops and new essences

Free PDF: click here to download a free PDF of the short descriptions of all of the LightBringer Essences for your reference



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