Feeling warm and secure in one’s own body energy; releasing areas of tension and resistance. Knowing one’s physical body as home. Teaches respect and honouring of the physical body and the body Earth.

15ml dropper bottle of stock concentrate.

Aragonite Gem Essence: PHYSICALLY GROUNDED

  • Aragonite is one of the most physical of the essences, supporting us in being embodied in a way which feels safe. It helps us contact places within us from which energy has withdrawn—from trauma, fear, old memories, etc. It makes it safe to come back by inviting us to gently soften and release these areas so that the energy can flow here once again. Areas in the body which are tensed and clenched are often indicative of aspects of our being we are not inhabiting - here energy is not moving either because there is a vacuum or because it is blocked. Aragonite helps to soothe the body by restoring to consciousness the knowledge that it is safe to inhabit this gift of physicality we have been given. It gently skims off old memories that come up to be released, allowing us to relax and become more fully embodied, feeling the body's warmth and welcome.

    As we heal the pain around our own physicality, our own share of the Body Earth, we each contribute to a greater level of healing on a planetary level. It helps us move beyond the belief that either of these hold unlimited physical resources. It invites us to re-learn our role as that of a guardian - one who tends and nurtures this physicality that it may thrive.


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