(Prunus padus)
LETTING GO. Reconnecting with lightness and joy in the face of life's difficulties. Letting go of the past and of the regrets and remorse that hold you back. Coming back to the present and all its promise and not worrying about the past or future. Learning the truth that 'it is not what you do but how you are being right now' that matters.

15ml dropper bottle of stock concentrate.

Bird Cherry: LETTING GO

  • Bird Cherry tree is found throughout most of England, though it is not particularly well known. It blossoms in the spring and its display is stunning whilst it lasts, yet it is over and done with in a very short time. This essence was made from an incredibly strong old Bird Cherry which was entirely bent over so that its flowering canopy was resting just above the ground but which was nevertheless full of blossom.

    This essence teaches that it is not what we do but how we go about our lives that determines the quality and happiness we experience. The 'Now' is what matters - not the past or the future - but this ever-present moment in which we have choice to Be. Bird Cherry essence reminds us of living life lightly, holding life with a light touch and giving our all to the present moment. Life is ephemeral and soon gone. It is so easy to miss this and to be filled with longing for what once was. The essence helps remind us to stay here in the now, taking it in at all levels, fully participating.

    It is particularly appropriate for the elderly who may have forgotten that they too can still blossom with vigour and beauty, still be present and thus have presence - and for children or those who are ill who feel little, frail or inadequately equipped to deal with life. It is not what we do but how and this is something that all of us have full capacity to live. Harnessing the resources of the here and now, we can be present to the challenges we face yet still blossom in grace. This is not an ideal but an actuality we can choose to live out. Bird Cherry strengthens us in this, helping us move beyond anguish and helplessness to Presence.


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