(Lantana camara)

For restoring an energetic, dancing connection with our lower chakras, especially the Sacral Chakra. To shake off regimented, learnt patterns that are linear and restrictive, and to restore fluidity, spontaneity and expressiveness.

15ml dropper bottle of stock concentrate

Lantana Egyptian Essence: SACRAL DANCE

  • Lantana was the first Egyptian Essence I made and it enticed me by making me want to dance every time I walked by! This movement seems a strong part of its energy picture. It is an essence which restores interactive balance between the root, sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras, especially focusing on the central ones of these - the sacral and solar plexus chakras - by assisting their exuberant and joyful expression.

    As you can see, this plant is astonishing for its gorgeous colours - all within the growth of one blossoming head. The reds, orange, yellows and pinks mingle in vibrant and glorious colour.

    The essence integrates the energy of the lower chakras, particularly enlivenening the sacral chakra. Here it begins to shake off regimented and restrictive linear patterns so that the flow of energy in this chakra become much more fluid, circular and expressive -like that of a dancer. And it brings strength and confidence to the solar plexus, enabling us to delightfully express ourselves without fear of judgment.

    What does this mean in reality? Lantana releases us from rigid energies we or others may have imposed on us to shut down our physical and sensual expression. But this is not just about sensuality as it refers to a beloved; it is about sensuality as it refers to all of life - a dancing, merging, communicative relationship with the life force in and around us, and the willingness to let ourselves express this naturally and lovingly. It is an essence of joy and freedom, of throwing off restraints especially where they manifest as physical limitations, and of being delightfully engaged with the richness of life.


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