PERSONAL SPACE COMBINATION: safe, protected, boundaried. Personal Space assists you in creating sacred space in your own energy field and your home, in which you can peacefully and harmoniously thrive.

15ml flower essence stock concentrate; 50ml aura mist

Personal Space Combination: SANCTUARY

  • PERSONAL SPACE COMBINATION offers the following support:


    • When your space feels invaded and unboundaried, and you wish to establish gentle but strong boundaries so that you can feel safe once more
    • When you wish to support energies of peace, harmony and gentleness in your home
    • When you wish to protect your energy field and maintain strong, harmonious auric boundaries
    • To help you feel at home in unfamiliar circumstances (travelling, new job, new home, etc)
    • To establish and support peaceful communication and interaction within your space
    • To support the creation of sacred space for meditation, celebrations and rituals
    • As a mist to cleanse your energyfield of psychic attack (in combination with Light Support Mist)


    Personal Space Combination gives profound support for you in your sacred work. It helps you to have strong energetic boundaries so that you are not open to invasion; it helps you maintain a clean, focussed energy space in which to work on yourselves (meditation, relaxation, yoga sessions, etc) or with others (your workspace, therapy space, ec); and it assists you in staying grounded and present with your spiritual connection.


    Personal Space combination contains essences of: English Bearsfoot, Herb Paris, Primrose, Ring of Brodgar, Thrift, Thyme-Leaf Moss and Viper's Bugloss.


    The drops can be taken orally or added to the bath, and used short or long-term to help you overcome obstacles to your healing and wellbeing. The mist can be sprayed around your aura and/or space daily. 


    Personal Space mist contains: water, organic vodka, Personal Space essences; organic essential oils of Benzoin, Geranium, High Altitude Lavender, Grapefruit, Helichrysum. 





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