Are you unsure which essences would most support you at this time? Would you like Rachel Singleton to attune to your energy at this time and dowse for you? Click on the detailed description to find out more or Add to Cart and we will be in touch.

The Essence Dowsing Service

  • This acute service enables you to receive an essence or combination of essences dowsed for you by Rachel Singleton. She will tune into your current energy state and the issues you are facing, and dowse from there. To prepare, please do the following: 

    In a quiet space (perhaps with a candle lit and some essential oils or incense gently scenting the room), tune into the issue you are wanting support with. Gently allow yourself to be with this in its entirety, without fretting or avoiding. Let it be just as it is and let yourself feel just as you honestly do. You do not have to worry about how to express this as Rachel will get the energy of this as soon as she tunes into you.

    Now write on a piece of paper your full name, date of birth and a word or phrase that sums up the healing quality you need at this time: e.g. strength, the ability to trust others, to let go of the past . . . or whatever it might be. 

    Please fill in the form below to email/post to us or email Rachel using our contact email, to share this information directly with Rachel. Keep your information short and to the point - this keeps the energy contact as clear as possible. 

    Your essences will be dowsed within 4 working days of Rachel receiving your email and payment, and should be with you a couple of days later. You will receive details of the essences that have come through so that you can read about these in more detail and understand their teachings and guidance.