(Armeria maritima)
Tending, nurturing and caring, especially for infants and children, and for the inner child. Knowing one is safe, beloved, cared for; part of a loving community.

15ml dropper bottle of stock concentrate


  • Thrift Essence is a key essence for children and for our inner child. It helps us know that we are safe, supported and cared for at the deepest level so that we are able to relax and enjoy our wonderful world.

    Thrift is a small but striking coastal plant which can carpet huge areas of rock and turf in the month of June. It has astonishing strong red roots which are very long and have an incredible dragon-like energy. Above these a dense cushioning mat of green needles grows to create a strong community able to cling to rock or turf quite happily, even when hammered by the stormiest seas. From this an abundance of individual stems rise up from this, each crowned by a dense globe of many tiny flowers. Tough and hardy, it can be found growing in the most inhospitable and unlikely places. The soft pom-pom flower-heads of the Thrift plant, from lightest pink through to deep magenta, speak of its comforting, cushioning energy. The essence helps engender feelings of safety and love. 

    Thirft supports us in several key ways:to help us grow firm roots when we are weak and vulnerable; to help us co-create/bed into community that is mutually supportive and nurturing; and to evolve from here to create our own unique world of beauty which enhances and gives back to the community we have come from.

    It supports interdependent relationships which are loving, giving, and well-balanced, and helps create strong family bonds, especially between parent and child from conception onwards. It is indicated for the tender and insightful relationship needed between carer and invalid or in any situation where there is someone weak or fragile. And it enables a person to feel safe and grounded again after trauma and shock has left them vulnerable. Thrift earths and stabilizes, but with such a sense of play and friendliness! There is nothing heavy about this essence - just the joy of loving care.


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