'I am passionate about using natural products to enhance one's radiance - inside and out. Skincare has always been a keen area of interest for me. There is something essential about nurturing the body from top to toe using beautiful products, lovingly made and ethically produced, in order to combat the stresses and strains of daily life.


In the past years, we have developed links with two amazing companies whose products I can recommend. Please click the links to go to their websites:

de Mamiel skincare (containing LightBringer Essence formulas throughout their full range of products)

Tropic Skincare:  I am pleased to announce that we are now independent ambassadors for Tropic skincare. To read their amazing story and view their products, please click any of the images opposite.'  


Rachel Singleton

TROPIC SKINCARE offer potent pure skincare which feels incredibly clean and luxurious. I fell in love with these products when I first tried them. I was even more impressed when I heard the story behind them - the courageous journey of their founder Susan Ma who won over Lord Alan Sugar to invest in her business to create products that are completely vegan and cruelty free, and which support women all over the country who wish to create a business working from their own homes. The range includes skincare, body care and mineral makeup. 

If you would like to buy from Tropic, go direct to my Tropic shop here. Or you can reduce your postage costs and order from me personally by email- see below.


Tropic Skincare postal costs are £5 when ordering through my Tropic shop and you will receive your products quickly from Tropic.

If you are not in a rush and would like to reduce your postage costs, you have the following options: 

On the 25th and 10th of every month, I collect together and place an order for any customers requiring products. These will be sent onto you as soon as I receive them at a postage cost of £2.00. If your order is over £60 in value, your order will be sent to you with no postal charges



If you are interested in becoming an ambassador and selling your own Tropic products, please contact me. Please note, these products are only available within the UK.

Tropic Skincare independent ambassador

ESSENCE TIP: Radiant Heart Cream

Use a gentle moisturising cream that you trust as a base and decant some into a small pot. Add a drop or two of the Essences of your choice and gently stir in. Every morning and evening, take a small amount of this potent mixture and smooth this into the area of your heart chakra. Using Heart Balm Combination for your cream is a lovely essence choice.


I recommend using a very light and fine moisturiser that is completely natural and does not contain any additives or chemicals that might block the effect of the essences. Try Tropics Skin Revive Nourishing Cream

Tropic Gifted Deluxe Skincare Collection
Tropic Skincare mineral makeup
Tropic Skincare silk gel liner
Tropic Skincare - pure, honest, effective