Selecting Essences

Selecting your own flower essences is something you can safely do for yourself and it is a lovely and sacred process. The instructions below will help you get started. However, if you feel you need further help and advice please do not hesitate to contact us.


For information on HOW TO TAKE ESSENCES, see next section below.

The process of selecting your essence(s) is a mindful one, best done in a quiet and peaceful space where you can set aside the time to focus on your specific state of being at this time. From here you will select the essence/essences which feel must supportive for you. It is possible to choose 1 single essence or combine up to 6 essences. You can put together gem, environmental and flower essences - they work beautifully in combination.


In the Essence Shop you will find images of the essences and you can see which particularly leap out at you. Scan through these and make a note of those that attract you. You can then go back and look up their detailed description to find out which ones feel right for you.


Stay mindful of your current state and in touch with the emotion this engenders. Be gently focused throughout the process and look at the essences lightly. Do not pour over them intensely searching - instead maintain a gentle connection and a light focus. You will find those essences that are resonant for you right now will lightly pull at your attention.


You can also select LightBringer Essences using a pendulum to dowse. You can do this by using the Essence Cards, the Handbook, or the LightBringer Essence Set itself. Sitting with these in front of you and, with your eyes closed, either use your pendulum or reach with your hand for the flower essences, with the intention of intuitively selecting those that best fulfill your healing needs at this time.



Thyme Moss Essence for Regenerating your energyfield

Taking Essences

It is easy to take  flower essences, and the ways in which they can be administered are extremely adaptable.

When you take a flower essence you are taking the bottled energetic imprint of the flower, gem, environment or astrological alignment from which it is made. They are called 'essences' because the liquid carrier you take as drops is believed to be imbued with the individual blueprint or life-force of the essence subject.


LightBringer Essences come in stock concentrate. They can either be taken directly from the bottle or you can use the stock bottle to make up a dosage bottle of flower essences of your choice.

As a general rule, stock concentrate is particularly suitable for immediate use in acute situations whilst a dilute strength dosage bottle of essences is usually taken longer term (thereby enabling the flower essences to go in gently over a period of time).


Making a dosage bottle from your stock essences means the stock bottle will go further and, if you are taking several essences at once, you can simply carry one bottle around with you.


Dosage Bottle:

  • Fill a 30ml dropper bottle (available from chemists or online) with 80% spring water and 20% brandy or vodka*.

  • Add 5 drops of stock concentrate from each essence you are using.

  • Place 5 drops from the dosage bottle on your tongue, being careful to avoid touching your mouth with the pipette in order to keep it clean.

  • Repeat this morning and night. Store in a cool dark place. Use within 6 weeks. 


*The alcohol acts as a preservative. If you would prefer to take flower essences without alcohol, you can make a dosage combination using spring water only. Keep it in the fridge, do not let the pipette touch your mouth, and use within 2 weeks. Alternatively, apply the essences externally (see below).


Flower essences are commonly taken orally as above, either straight from a stock or dosage bottle. It is also possible to use the essences in other ways:


  • Spray - place 5 drops of stock in spring water in an unused misting bottle (available from chemists or online) and spray around yourself / the room. Store in the fridge for up to 4 weeks.

  • Skin - gently rub 2 or 3 drops into the temples, wrists, abdomen or where needed.

  • Bath - add 5 drops to the bath water (only 2 drops for babies).

  • Water - add 5 drops to either hot water (to let the alcohol evaporate off) or cold; sip until finished.

  • For animals - place 2 or 3 drops on your hands and rub through their fur, or use a spray for their sleeping area.


The recommended dose for LightBringer Essences is 5 drops two to three times daily. It is the frequency of the dosage that is important, not how much is taken. If you take more than 5 drops at any one time then it only wastes the essences; it does not give you a 'bigger' dose.

In acute situations you may want to take the drops as stock concentrate, 3 to 4 times daily for a few days.

Longer term, taking the drops twice daily from a dosage bottle until it is finished gives them time and space to work, going slowly and deeply into areas of your being where they are most needed.

In rare cases, it is possible for people to feel an initial intensification of their emotions or experiences when they are taking flower essences. Simply taking fewer drops of the essences and taking them less frequently will enable you to find the level that is most comfortable for you.