Bee Orchid

Ophrys apifera

Bee Orchid Essence supports the manifesting of your life’s work. It reminds you to believe in miracles, especially the miracle that is at work within you – your own envisioning made real. It helps you to birth, nourish and bring forth something that you and you alone can see, create and contribute to the world, to feel its spiritual blueprint within you and remain anchored in its vision. And it supports you in keeping going against impossible odds, against profound inner doubts, and when it feels like there is no external support or interest.

The path of realising your own work can, at times, feel difficult and solitary, even unrewarding. But it is the path of individuality: what is being created is unique and, although you are alone for now, this has the advantage that the energy of your vision is not being diluted or derailed through contact with others. Sometimes, it is the very adversity we suffer that gives us the determination to complete something truly inspirational and wonderful. And it is not necessarily the case that you will always have to work alone. However, if, for now, loved ones, colleagues and the wider public are not seeing the worth of your work, even though the vision of it continues to burn in you, then trust it and take the time to develop it.

Bee Orchid helps keep the beauty, spiritual significance and depth of what you are producing uppermost. As a plant, this orchid is elegant and marvellous. Its vivid bee-like flowers curl around the stem like a spiral staircase. It invites you to keep moving up the staircase, knowing the worth of each step. It is an essence that can support work of epic and life-changing proportions, helping you to manifest your dreams in alignment with your spiritual truth.

Burnt Orchid

Neotinea ustulata

Burnt Orchid Essence helps bring a shift in consciousness when you sense that you are held back by past patterns, beliefs or karma. You may be in the grip of old games and stories you feel you have endlessly played a part in. You keep sensing that you are, at last, about to break through, but then find that you are not quite able to reach the light. This state brings frustration and uncertainty: the next level can be seen and felt, but not quite reached.

Burnt Orchid addresses, and calls to awareness, any patterns of limitation and suffering you are continuing to live out that may be blocking your progress. Unconsciously (or consciously) colluding with these beliefs keeps you in their grasp. The essence clarifies your inner vision so that you can view your life as if from a higher level. You see how you have been burnt by similar situations, time after time in your life. You see the cycles of hurt and pain, and you begin to understand how you allow their presence in your life. What was unclear before suddenly starts to shift into focus as you understand your own part in the drama and perceive that there are other ways - and other responses - possible. 

Burnt Orchid Essence calls you to live from the next level - a level that is more spiritually refined and evolved; as such, it helps to gentle the warring self and restore inner peace. It is the essence to take when you can say, ‘I am willing to shed resistance, pain and suffering. I step into my power, into my world, into my body, into my relationships, into my work. I now embody Spirit and allow myself to be this quiet Joy.’ This is a true declaration of liberation and independence. You climb out of the mire of an old belief in suffering, burn away old karmic patterns, and attain the next level of spiritual awareness, becoming the peace and joy you long for.

Butterfly Orchid

Platanthera bifolia

Butterfly Orchid aligns you vertically with Heaven and Earth through your spinal cord: from this central axis its energy radiates out, correcting imbalances and clearing obstructions throughout your energy field. It is an essence for all healing and therapy work, for sacred ceremony and for meditation. If you are to be a conduit, a ‘hollow reed’ for the healing energy of the Universe, then your own blocks need first to be addressed. Butterfly Orchid leads you through that process with great care, cleansing and aligning your subtle energy-matrix.

As a healer or therapist, the essence helps you connect to a softer, feminine (yin) energy, that is both clear and compassionate. It helps you to gentle and quieten yourself in the face of the energy you bring through and send out, enabling you to channel increasingly strong and pure levels of healing. Using this essence, you ensure that the energy you draw on for healing is not your own but comes from Spirit: it protects you from expending all your energy by giving this away to clients, whilst also ensuring that the energy you send out is pure.

Butterfly Orchid also protects you when you go to someone as a client by ensuring that the source of the healing energy you receive is pure. When receiving healing, whether in a complimentary health session or in conventional medical situation, the essence helps you take in the highest, most loving expression of this from the giver, filtering out any lower energies. This is particularly helpful if you are sensitive to energy and are in hospital or attending a busy practice: it stops lower energies ‘sticking’ to you when you are at your most vulnerable. Butterfly Orchid supports you in opening to pure healing consciousness, feeling the comfort of it coursing through you, cleansing and aligning you.

Early purple Orchid

Orchid mascula

Early Purple Orchid Essence is the essence of integration. Its gifts are two-fold: it assists you in fully integrating new or challenging experiences, and it helps you to reside in the knowledge that you are, at core, always integrated and always whole. The result of both of these is that you feel integrated and, when you feel this, you naturally act with greater integrity.

Experiencing something powerful in life sends shockwaves through your being and indeed your life, regardless of whether you initially view the occurrence as positive or negative. You have to adjust to it and re-establish balance, taking into account this new aspect of your life. Early Purple Orchid Essence supports with this. It helps you to assimilate new learning, new experiences, new people and the effects of trauma, as well as aspects of your deep self that you are rediscovering through therapy or spiritual practice. You need to acclimatise to personal and far-reaching changes such as these in order to re-establish your new optimum experience of wholeness. Early Purple Orchid Essence invites you to move beyond resistance to that which is new, challenging or shocking and, instead, open to the possibility of evolving through such experiences, especially those that deeply touch your soul.

The essence comforts, strengthens and secures. It is one of the primary essences for soul healing and soul retrieval. It works within you shamanically, its energy frequency sending out a ‘call’ that speaks of your wholeness, setting up a resonance that attracts back lost soul parts to make good that wholeness. In addition, it helps you to integrate that which returns to you. When we are integrated, our entire energy field is strong. Through this essence, you remember the fundamental truth that wholeness begets wholeness.

As with many of the Wild Orchid essences in the range, Early Purple Orchid has a profound psycho-spiritual aspect to it. It enables you to embody and engage with your own wholeness and your evolution and, energetically speaking, it helps you to keep body and soul together.

Early Spider Orchid

Ophrys sphegodes

Early Spider Orchid Essence supports you when you face a time of potent change: change that will, ultimately, enable you to come home to your Self at a much deeper level. Initially, you may not recognise the potential for this and may feel intimidated, fearful and resistant. You might view the changes as harmful and negative, and seek ways to block or avoid them.

Early Spider Orchid bids you let go of your resistance and step into an inner space of wisdom and trust. Gentle and supportive, it affords you a connection with your deep Self that is not thrown or ruffled by surface events. Rather than being unsettled by them, you begin to perceive changes in your life differently. It is never easy to let go when your connection with things, circumstances, people or places that have been part of your life for a long time come to a natural end. You feel anxiety and grief for the loss of that which is beloved, or even simply familiar. However, the key to riding the winds of change is to trust the progress of your life. It is true that when one door closes another is simultaneously opening, leading to new vistas and different horizons. 

This new course - and the twists and turns it takes – are a combination of your own choices (and the unforeseen effects of these) and the guidance of the invisible hand of Spirit. You are a spiritually evolving being. Open to the possibility that these current changes are leading you more deeply into yourself, to a more mature, authentic, wise and resourceful version of you that you cannot yet comprehend. Life events are converging in such a way that you are facing in a new direction. Though moving forward may feel like a leap into the unknown, and though you may feel like you want to cling to the edges and not let go, where you are heading is actually deeply known and deeply recognised: you are coming home to yourself more fully.

The time has come to move on in life and to journey further within. The outer changes may be beyond your control, but your inner evolution is not, as you move more deeply into Who You Really Are. Early Spider Orchid deeply, gently and truthfully helps you to feel your way through.

Fly Orchid

Ophrys insectifera

Fly Orchid Essence helps you embrace and befriend the dark. Rather than seeing the shadow side of life as something to shut yourself off from and be afraid of, this essence teaches that your shadow side is like a nutrient-rich sea that helps you grow into your true genius in a way that nothing else can. When you face and work with that which you fear, this ultimately restores that area to you in full strength: something that you can rely on; that helps you move beyond previous limitations; that increases your confidence; and that helps you to meet life more fully.

Fly Orchid works to clear dark, obstructive ‘clots’ of consciousness that stop you from being aligned with your true stream of consciousness – that which comes pure, clean and vital from Spirit. It helps you transmute these areas of struggle and difficulty into gems of richness and depth. A person may be in a very dark place of depression and despair, and even be suicidal; yet, it is here that they are so close to transforming their inner darkness into something rich and life-sustaining - and Fly Orchid provides crucial support in bringing about this change. It is so often when we have fallen to our knees that we break through. 

In shamanic work, the dark of the earth is where the Shaman journeys in order to find rich answers and to communicate with deep areas of the unconscious. Fly Orchid assists this process and helps you to understand that there is nothing to fear in the shadows: the fear itself is the shadow; once looked at directly and embraced, it quickly transmutes, becoming an ally rather than an obstruction.

Fragrant Orchid

Gymnadenia conopsea

Fragrant Orchid is a most graceful flower, elegant and unifying in its energy. As an essence it enables you to unify and harmonise with the higher group consciousness of those you are in community with (be it your family, friends, work colleagues, people you find yourself with at significant times) and to become aware of your deeper purpose in coming together. It does not cause you to surrender your individuality and awareness; rather, you become cognisant of the higher purpose of the groups you are in and become willing to set aside any egoistic needs that may stand in the way of the meeting of higher selves. 

All connections are sacred, be it a fleeting smile exchanged with a stranger, a formal business meeting, or long-term relationships with family and friends. You never meet simply another person: you meet your own Self staring back at you in the perfectly imperfect and wondrous form of another individual. In their living, breathing presence you find your own. Opening to the gifts this awareness brings, you may begin to understand what an exquisite boon and blessing is bestowed on you through all your daily encounters, for we are all meeting as Spirit in human form.

Fragrant Orchid Essence is particularly appropriate where you are struggling with a specific group and cannot find your place of harmony within it, or where a group or team is struggling to flow together and realise their potential. The essence supports you in gaining awareness regarding your higher purpose in being with these specific people at this time, rather than succumbing to feeling a victim of personalities. As you come into accord with your group, and accept that they have a spiritual presence for you in your life at this time, you naturally begin to move beyond thoughts of conflict. The resonance and balance that ensues reveals something both beautiful and meaningful: you see how much further we travel when we travel together.

Frog Orchid

Coeloglossum viride

Frog Orchid Essence offers a vibrant reminder that miracles happen and that you are worthy to receive their presence and beauty in your life. These are the true miracles of life - unlooked for, beneficent, ordinarily extraordinary, and a blessing to receive. They are not, then, the ‘miracles’ of some popular abundance books that instruct you to manifest your desires through forceful repetition of certain thoughts in order to get what you need: Frog Orchid is about something altogether freer, integrated and splendid.

The benevolent universe is always here for you when you need miracles and support. However, how you seek this support determines the outcome of the experience for you. Frog Orchid reminds you of the true nature of prayer: to send out your call for help and guidance, from the heart, with openness and trust in the wisdom of Spirit. It is not a selfish request based on acquisitive personal need, but a universal plea for the goodness of a given situation to reveal itself. From here, you simply look for, and receive, the beautiful energy response that then ensues, with gratitude and love. You let go of how you think miraculous help should turn up, and you open to recognising it in whatever form it comes, knowing that the wisdom of the Universe answers your prayers in its own beautiful way. Engaging with this energy of flow and renewal, you too become a miraculous force in the Universe; learning not to stand in the way of miracles occurring, you find that you are your own and other people’s solution.

Green-Winged Orchid

Anacamptis morio

Green-Winged Orchid helps you to listen, with all your senses, to a ‘higher’ knowing. When I was making the essence, it presented itself to me with the phrase ‘borne on Angel’s Wings’: and, indeed, this higher knowing truly is an angelic form of intuition that is loving, light-filled, free from ego, deeply grounded in Nature and written into the deep responsiveness of your body-being to this moment.

Green-Winged Orchid helps you to strengthen your intuition and clarify your perception. When you wish to open to the wisdom within, it enables you to clearly feel for this. It is particularly helpful when you are navigating through convoluted or fanciful thinking - or the ego’s need to appear wise or psychic - and simply discern the truth. Often, those with some degree of clairvoyance or strong sensitivity can find themselves caught up in impressing others with their ‘powers’. When this happens you lose your head, lose your integrity and lose your clarity. The essence bids you to return to something strongly authentic and humble, born of a living awareness of the world around you and the wisdom that your authentic presence yields.

The messages that come on angel’s wings are ‘extraordinarily normal’: extraordinary because of the wisdom they bring; normal because everyone has access to them. Sensing through the body, energetically and physically, in a way that is heightened, refined, and aware, you enter a state of grace - ordinary but wonderful - and find you can truly see.

Northern Marsh Orchid

Dactylorhiza purpurella

Northern Marsh Orchid is a rich and dynamic essence that supports boldness and determination in any area of your life. The deep purples and magentas that characterise the plant indicate its resonance with heart, brow and crown chakras. It is an essence that firmly keys you into the wisdom of these upper chakras and their ability to clarify and direct your way. 

Northern Marsh Orchid helps you to stay strong and vibrant in the face of negativity, bullying, aggression or disapproval from people around you, and to gain insight into why this is happening. These external energies can be potent enough to derail you, causing you to lose confidence and question yourself, your values and your dreams. Similarly, you can succumb to patterns of distraction within yourself that weaken you and dilute your efforts. All of these come back to the same cause: a need to connect more boldly and deeply with your core values, to re-group, strengthen, and move forward with greater determination. 

This essence invokes a warrior energy, reconnecting you with your inner potency so that you can better navigate difficulty and challenge. This is a potency born of deep alignment with your spiritual values. When you are on track, when you are being true to what you believe, you move forward with clarity and purpose - regardless of unpleasantness, coercion, manipulation and distraction externally, or internal habits of self-sabotage. Aligned to what you believe, you are naturally emboldened to realise your dreams and purpose. 

Furthermore, when one person deeply aligns to their purpose, such is their strength that they take other people with them. You bring inspiration and energy to others when you are deeply aligned with your values and your path. This essence helps you to cope with the potency and magnetism you have when aligned. It helps you wisely and skilfully navigate through any hidden fears and insecurities this may trigger in others. You dispel them like phantoms and - compassionately, assuredly - move on. 

Pyramid Orchid

Anacamptis pyramidalis

Pyramid Orchid Essence represents a dynamic call from the angels to stand up and be All You Can Be. You are invited not merely to think about living your inner purity, light and grace, but to get on and be it! Each of us has our part to play in the dance of life; each of us has our own light to shine; each of us has a heart which seeks to join with others in the betterment of all. Too often, our doubts about this and about our own worth prove a severe handicap. We do not reach for all we can be because we do not dare to believe it, and thus the world at large loses out. Pyramid Orchid personally shows you how this self-denial impoverishes everyone when you do not shine as the bright and joyful beacon you are here to Be. 

At a deeper level, Pyramid Orchid reaches to the very core of doubts about the Divine realms and God. Nearly everyone, at some point, fears they have not been ‘heard’ or ‘helped’ by God. This can lead to feelings of abandonment, resentment and distrust. This essence goes behind such fears. It helps to remind you of the pure connection that is always there for you: a living connection within your being that guides, nurtures and tends you when you feel for and trust in its grace. 

The support of the angelic realms can seem to flee from you in the face of your anger and your pain. Stay with the ‘still small voice within’, make room for grace and gentleness, soften the heart, have the courage to trust – and that connection only grows stronger. You are empowered to be your most potent loving Self, to express the gift of this in every moment and to radiate the love at your centre. 

Pyramid Orchid brings a call to action. It reminds you that Now is the time. Electric, vibrant and scintillating with energy, it is a dynamic summons from the angels: the time has come to shine.

Wasp Orchid

Ophrys apifera

The Wasp Orchid comes from the same orchid family as Bee Orchid and the essence has a similar area of influence. It is for attaining mastery in your life, work and spirituality. Wasp Orchid takes these three aspects of Self and integrates and heightens the energy of all three, polishing you until you gleam! Where Bee Orchid assists you in finding and manifesting your life’s work, with Wasp Orchid you are now established in your field but wish to take it to the level of true artistry. You are working towards becoming highly skilled and highly evolved so that you can pass this on to those who come after. You may even be ready and willing to ensure that you leave a legacy of excellence.

When I first took this essence, I felt as if I was in the hands of a Divine sculptor. lt was as if I was being re-shaped: my ‘inner form’ and sense of self became more distinct. Through the energy of this essence, you may find that your rough edges are removed, the tendency to get easily distracted eases away, and you naturally correct any inconsistencies, ineffectiveness and immaturity in your actions and behaviour. It helps you clarify, and rise up to meet, your values and needs. 

With Wasp Orchid, you are ready to stand fully in your power: it is time to come out of hiding and to leave procrastination behind. The focus is not on what you can or cannot do. Now, you have reached a level where you can do, and you are prepared to polish this skill to the utmost to see how far you can take it. You are also aware of the value of the skillset you have already attained and are, in turn, conscious of the need to share this power and skill with other people. 

In the hands of the Master Architect, Spirit, you allow yourself to be turned into a more finely honed and refined version of Self, and to bring out - or inspire - these qualities in those around you. 

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