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Energetic Advertising

Harnessing your higher consciousness for abundant business

Date: 13th September 2019   Location: Lancashire, UK

FULLY BOOKED - no places left

How do we establish a therapy business in a way that is energetically authentic and joyful? How do we sustain this over many years in ways which replenish rather than drain us? How do we ensure that we can maintain or raise our income as and when we need to? 

We are surrounded by marketing models for business that can feel intimidating, tech-heavy, expensive, gimicky and at odds with our work as therapists. Often, we are expending time and energy we haven’t got doing something we think we should do. There is something fundamentally flawed about this: to run an energetic business that flows, we ourselves need to be in the flow.

This teaching day will help you access a deeply reliable inner source of energy and wisdom from which to grow your practice.

VENUE:  The Gathering Fields Retreat  Lanchashire, UK

COST: £75 

TO BOOK go to www.flowerspirit.co.uk/cpd-energetic-advertising/

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